5 Stretches To Make Your Body Flexible

A flexible body is a good body as when you exercise or do any physical workout your bones will not pain and you can easily stretch however you want. A lot of people suffer from cramped muscles and they can hear the click sounds even if they bend their knees. There are many reasons why one should have a flexible body and the most important one is that it will improve your body movements and will also save you from all the cracks and other things. There are several ways of getting a flexible body. Exercising is one if the best ways. Apart from that you can also do various yoga positions to make sure that your body is movable enough.

Mentioned Below Are The 5 Natural Ways To Make Your Body Flexible:

1. Shoulder Stretches

Stretching the shoulders is one of the great ways to get a flexible body. It will relax your body and also will relax your shoulder muscles. Those who have a sitting job, should try this workout as it is really good and it helps in making your muscles lose.

Shoulder Stretches

2. Back Stretches

The back stretch is another good way to relax the muscles and make your body flexible. If you sit on the chair for a longer time, then this can be a great way for you to make your body realx. You can do it in the office, as 2-3 stretches will make you comfortable.


3. Bridge Exercise

The bridge exercise is extremely good for the overall body and for your back also. If you do this daily, your body will automatically become flexible. This exercise is good for those who havea rigid back and those who do not have any kind of physical exercise.

Do a Bridge

4. Leg Stretches

The legs also become a little stiff and you can hear the cracking sound from your legs. It is thus, very important to have some physical movements. Sometimes, even working out or walking doesn’t solve the problem and the legs are not flexible at all. Therefore, in such a situation having the leg stretches helps a lot.

Leg Stretches

5. Back Bending Stretch

The back bending is a great stretch and it helps in relaxing the muscles and making the body flexible naturally. In this you will have stretch your body and the stretching will help in making your body flexible. It is a great way to make your body and muscles lose. If you sit and do your work regularly with very less physical exercise, then you must do this pose daily for at least 5-10 minutes to see the best results.