5 Stylish Tops To Pair With Printed Pants

Printed pants are a rage this season and they are definitely here to stay. So there’s so much more that you can do with these. These pants come in a plethora of shapes, textures and of course patterns. There’s the striped printed pants, checks ones or even florals. You can also get something that has a light touch of print that is abstract too.

So Here Are Some Cool Ideas To Flaunt These Pants With Panache:

1. Loose Printed Pants With Tank Tops

A chic and yet comfortable option here would be donning these pants with a pair of tight thanks or tees. Loose printed pants really works well for the summer months because it gives you room to breathe. Think of plain tank tops like spaghetti tops or even others to create a chic combination.

2. Peplum Tops With Skinny Printed Pants

A skinny printed pant is ideal for women who want create some volume on the bottom half and also get the illusion of curves, in particular apple-shaped women. So here you can simply think of pairing these with a cool peplum top and some accessories.

3. Print On Print

This is a look that is perhaps most difficult to carry off but with a little thought you can do wonders. A print on print should be either too contrasting or very similar. So think of such hues that make the right impression. It could be a think checks on stripes or even stripes on stripes.

4. Classic Plains With Printed Pants

For this one you can go for either a cool shirt that can be knotted down or even a jersey in plain colour. The idea is to keep it simple and minimalist. The trick here is to pair these pants with classic contrasting of plain solids to give you a chic and yet stylish look.

5. Tunics With Printed Pants

Think about simple tunics that look wow with either skinny pants or even tapered or capri printed pants. What works here is that you are actually creating a longer depth with tunics that are lengthier as compared to regular tops and shirts. In particular suggested for creating a slimmer silhouette.