5 Superb Yoga Exercises For Women To Keep You In Shape

If you want to be beautiful then you must have a superb akin and a well toned body. And to have a well maintained body you will have to exercise daily. Regular exercise can help you a lot to get a well shaped body. Women have a common tendency of accumulating fat in the middle portion in their body, which actually spoils their figure. Moreover obesity or accumulating extra fat in body can lead you various kinds of physical problems too. Do you have such a problem?

For that yoga exercise can help you a lot. There are several yoga exercises which can help you a lot to keep the proper shape of your body. If you perform all these poses daily in a proper manner, you will see the difference in just few weeks.

Here Are The 5 Superb Yoga Exercises For Women To Keep You In Shape:

1. Bow Pose

Bow pose is very much effective to shape up the waist portion of your body. If you want to have a flat tummy then you must do this pose. First lay straight on the floor facing towards the floor and stretch both of your legs. Keep both of your hands beside your body. Now slowly raise both of your legs from the floor and at the same time stretch both of your arms. Then try to touch both of your feet with your hands and try to keep your legs together. Raise the upper part of your body from the floor and breathe deeply. Hold the pose for 15 seconds and then release it.

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2. Camel Pose

Camel pose is also very much helpful for you to keep you in proper shape. This pose helps you shape up your hips and thighs. To do this pose first sits on your knees on the floor. Then slowly bend your upper body part in backward direction. Then bend your head backward and try to look behind. Then stretch both of your hands backward and try hold your ankles with both of your hands. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds and breathe deeply while performing this pose.

3. Head To Knee Pose

This is another excellent exercise which helps you in keep in a proper shape. Head to Knee pose is a quite easy pose and actually helps you in get relief from the excess fat of your body. To perform this pose you have to sit on the floor by stretching both of your legs in front of you. Keep the legs apart from each other. Now pull your left leg towards your body by folding it at your knees. Now bend upper part of your body and also stretch both of your hands to touch your feet. Hold your toe with both of your hands and touch your right knee with your forehead. Breathe deeply and hold this pose for 5-10 seconds.

4. Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose is an easy yoga exercise to reduce the fat which is stored in the side portion of your body. This pose is highly suitable for those who have extra inches in their waist area. To perform this pose stands on your feet keeping them together and keep your spine perpendicular with the floor. Now raise both of your arms in upward direction moving them beside your head. Keep both of the palms together. Now slowly bend your body in the right side of your body and hold this pose for 15 to 2 seconds.

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5. Full Locust Pose

Try Full Locust Pose to own a well shaped body in just few weeks. To perform this great pose lay straight on the floor keeping your face downward and place both of your arms beside your body. Now slowly raise both of your legs from the floor and accordingly raise the upper body part from the floor. Hold Full Locust Pose for 15 seconds, breathe deeply and then release it. Regular performance of this pose helps you in shape up your body.

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