5 Toning Exercises To Fight Cellulite

There is no doubt that cellulite prevents you from wearing short skirts and dresses. Thankfully there are a ton of exercises available to help you tone down your cellulite content and all that wobbliness, especially around the butts and the thigh areas. These should be done with cardio to help in weight loss, but remember without toning up, there’s no way that you can get rid of this cellulite.

Here Are The 5 Toning Exercises To Fight Cellulite:

1. Standing Leg Swings

For this exercise, you have to stand straight and gently lift right leg off the ground. Support your entire weight on the left leg and in a swinging motion. Extend it as outwards as you can with the hands on your waist and then bring it back in. Do for a count of 10 and then repeat on the other leg. Do at least 3 sets on each leg.

Standing Leg Swings

2. Donkey Kicks With Squats

This is another smooth move to help you fight cellulite and also tone up your lower body. For this stand straight and keep legs shoulder width apart. Now gently bend down and go into a squat. Make sure your knees are not crossing your toes. As you get up, take right leg back and give it a good kick on the back. Squat again and repeat with left leg. Do 10 reps on each leg and repeat two sets.

Donkey Kicks With Squats

3. Fire Hydrants

This is move that really tones your butts, thighs and also fights cellulite extensively. For this, get down on the mat on all hands and knees. Now if the right knee off the floor, with the heel extended in the air. Take entire right leg out towards the right side in a controlled move. Bring it back. Do 20 times on each leg.

Fire Hydrants

4. Plank Thigh Toner

For this lie down on right side, using right hand, raise the body up. Bring left heel to the ground with knee bent for support. Now take your entire body off the floor and bring right leg up in the air. Do 10-15 reps and then repeat on the other side.

Plank Thigh Toner

5. Extended Leg Bridge

Lie down on the back and bring heel close to the butts. Now raise right leg in the air and then raise the buttocks off the floor. Do 15-20 reps. Now extend left leg and repeat to get rid of cellulite.

Extended Leg Bridge