5 Trendy And Comfortable Espadrille Shoe Styles

Espadrilles, alpargatas or espardenyes is basically defined as a kind of shoe that can be flat or with feels but they have an upper made of either jute, cotton, canvas or similar fabrics. The bottom layer is made of flexible soles that are usually nature friendly too. This is a very popular shoe type for the warm summer months.

Here Are Some Fashionable Styles You Must Own:

1. Espadrilles Wedges

This is a very cool style that you can wear to work, for casual parties or even semi formal occasions. As the name suggests these wedges are high in heels but have a wedge finish to make it comfortable for you to talk around. It has stringy espadrilles on the top too for a snug fit and works best with floral dress or shorter skirts and shorts.

Espadrilles Wedges

2. Espadrilles Pumps

If you are looking for something that is really comfy and yet allows you to move around in style, then opt for pumps made with Espadrilles. Not only are they chic and fashionable but they are washable too. You can don them with your work clothes or wear them to classes or even grocery shopping.

Espadrilles Pumps

3. Peep Toe Espadrilles

This is another fashionable style for the warmer summer months where you can be comfortable in a natural shoe type and also get some room for your fingers. This peep toe style comes in both flats and wedge types. You can go for a slip on style here or something that comes with a buckle too.

Peep Toe Espadrilles

4. Kitten Espadrilles

Add a bit of panache to your glamorous Espadrilles that celebrities from across the world flaunt for a casual day out. These kitten heels give you a little height but not make you uncomfortable. The gorgeous stringed style on the sole makes it a hit with most women.

Kitten Espadrilles

5. Espadrilles Gladiators

Add more panache to your everyday with the gladiator style Espadrilles. These are available in both flats and platform heel types. You just have to wrap these around your ankles or even pick a Velcro style to give you support. These look best with pencil skirts or even casual dresses that end above the knees.

Espadrilles Gladiators