5 Ways To Fight Sinusitis This Monsoon

It’s pouring incessantly every now and again the whole day, the few minutes of initial enjoyment of getting drenched in rain turns into sneezing and coughing incessantly! Monsoon season is a double edged sword that slashes in to your body to cause inflammation in the blood vessels giving rise to what is commonly known as sinusitis. Sinusitis snowballs from occasional sneezing to other host of nagging problems like headache, fatigue, congestion, loss of smell and taste as the air surrounding us becomes moist and we end up breathing air loaded with bacteria and viruses.

Sinusitis can be should be fought in earlier stages to avoid any complicated illness. The ways in which you can improve sinusitis are dietary, medical and precautionary in nature. With change of season, certain food you eat should also be included and excluded. While nursing sinusitis some common ways to fight them are very much within every one’s reach. These are the 5 ways you can fight sinusitis this monsoon. Atishoo! Take care

Here Are The 5 Ways To Fight Sinusitis This Monsoon:

1. Neti Pot

Your most able lieutenant to fight sinusitis this monsoon; this ancient apparatus of that has been used in the Ayurvedas for year has been used for nasal irrigation. For this process, you need to fill the Aladdin’s lam like pot with salt water and flush out the blockage by pouring the water alternatively from left and right nostril.

Neti pot

2. No To Dairy Products

Dairy products should be the first to be taken off the shelves and monsoon food menu. Products like milk and cottage cheese tend to thicken the mucus and given the dairy products get infected with microbes easily, it is best to avoid them altogether. Switch to healthier options like salad and tomato soups.

No to dairy products

3. Herbal Tea

The best way to keep sinusitis and even common cold at bay after getting drenched in rain would be gulping a scalding hot cup of herbal tea. The herbaceous properties of herbal tea with a few add on like Holy basil, ginger and peppermint make for an effective drink against sinusitis. The steam of brewing herbal tea too can kill the loss of smell effect from your nose. No, we are not kidding!

Herbal tea

4. Moist Sinus Compress/ Steam Therapy

Pick any of the two and you are certain to get relieved of sinusitis. Steam therapy is an age old process of cleansing the nose which is also considered to be a natural decongestant. Whether you use a box like contraption or simply cover your face with a towel over a bucket of warm water, do add few drops of eucalyptus oil for faster results. Moist sinus compress too is a very basic process of curbing sinusitis and inflammation by placing a steamy towel over the face. The tension of the mucus caused is eased pretty much with less effort and relaxes your blockages big time.

Steam therapy

5. Medicated Nasal Spray

Agreed the above ways to fight sinusitis are pretty much difficult to procure and follow if you are, let’s say travelling in bus or tube. In such scenario medicated nasal spray is the only decongestant to fall back on. But make sure you pick nasal spray of a better known pharma company. These can help you in immensely in the short run, hence it is advisable to be more cautious about what you eat and wear. And don’t forget the urge to use nasal spray for even the smallest of sinuses is a common occurrence.

Medicated nasal spray