5 Ways To Reduce Inches And Drop A Dress Size Quickly

Are you keen on getting s nto a size 4 even when you are a size 6… Well there is no miracle healing here except that there are some little secrets that can help you to drop an entire size quickly. Now these are not permanent solutions but they sure work to give you that slimmer look when you are going out or have been unable to exercise for some days.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Reduce Inches And Drop A Dress Size Quickly:

1. DIY Ginger Mask To Lose Water Bloating

Amazing but this mask can actually help you to get rid of toxins and reduce water bloating. You need about 20 grams of ginger and 80 grams of turmeric here along with handful of rice. Powder the rice but keep it a little grainy. Then mix warm water along with the ginger and turmeric. Then massage body with the same. The ginger and turmeric get rid of toxins along with reducing water bloating that helps in dropping a size.

Ginger (3)

2. Put On A Waist Cincherst Before Wearing Dress

A waist cincher is a cool way to actually get some instant weight loss. Wearing it earlier is suggested so that the body gets used to the fat compression. Basically you wrap it around the waist so that you are able to compress fat. Made from high-quality latex it is good for both the internal and external skin layers and helps in quick inch loss.

Put On A Waist Cincherst Before Wearing Dress

3. Drink 2 Litres of Water Everyday

Try to drink at least 2 litres of water in a day. This helps you to go to the loo constantly and flush out toxins. It also means that you lose some of that bloated tummy and hence can fit into a slimmer dress size.

Drink water a lot

4. Use Body Shaper Inners Prior To Wearing Dress

Make sure that you are wearing a body shaper inside for your thighs, butts, waist or any other problem area. They tend to compress the fat and give you a slimmer look. This also prevents show through of cellulite or flabby skin in your body. In a few minutes, the body also adapts to the shapewear.

Use Body Shaper Inners Prior To Wearing Dress

5. Do Exercise And Avoid Eating Before You Try A Dress

Exercising gets your muscle grooving and it also helps you stand in a better posture, with tummy tucked in. Also, not eating before wearing a small dress helps to suck in the tummy and retain better shape.

Exercise Every Day