6 Amazing Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most difficult skin types to maintain out of all other skin types. Oil, dirt, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads are not the only problem oily skin has to deal with. Oily skin is also prone to acne and is more easily damaged by the sun. The only way to keep your oily skin healthy and radiant is following a specific beauty regimen. A proper everyday skin care routine from morning to night will keep your skin in good shape, by keeping the pH level neutral. Explore the 6 amazing morning to night beauty tips we have listed to keep your skin oil free, radiant and flawless.

1. Use An Oil Balancing Face Wash

While most advice that cleansing oily skin with a suitable face wash is the first step to achieve flawless skin, that’s not the complete truth. You need to understand that sebaceous glands in oily skin are hyperactive. Sebaceous glands are responsible for producing and releasing oil in our skin. The first morning beauty step to keep your skin oil free is calming down the sebaceous glands. To control the oil level around the t zone, rub ice all over your face for 5 to 10 minutes daily. It will not just cool down inflammation, but it will also remove oil by cleansing the pores.

Use An Oil Balancing Face Wash

The next step after icing is washing your face with a suitable face wash. Most women end up using an oil removal face wash, but what’s required is an oil balancing face wash. An oil removal face wash cleanses the face and removes all the oil and sebum. But it leaves the skin dry. Dryness further triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more oil in order to combat dryness. Thus, what you need is an oil balancing face wash. An oil balancing face wash will remove only extra oil from the skin. It will lock all the essential oil in the skin itself. Thus, it will not remove all oil, but will control its formation. The resulting skin will be neutral, neither dry nor oily.

2. Scrub Your Face

Scrubbing the face after washing it with an oil balancing face wash is the second beauty tip we have. Using a scrubber thrice a week is enough for other skin types, but it is essential to scrub oily skin daily. Thus, instead of using a scrub with larger granules, it is better to use a gentle everyday oil balancing scrub with fine particles. Scrubbing each day will keep the pores fresh and dirt free. It will gently exfoliate all the whiteheads and blackheads. Repeating the same morning regimen everyday will make your skin fresh and hydrated. Icing the skin again after scrubbing is a good idea. Gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

3. Do Not Use Whitening Products

This stands true for women suffering from active acne. Whitening and lightening comes after you get rid of an active acne break out. Using whitening products will make the skin further greasy. It will not help in lightening the dark complexion due to extra dirt and clogged skin pores, instead it will develop more sebum and oil. Result? Your acne will become worse. It is one of the hardest things to combat a severe acne outbreak. It literally takes months. Keeping the skin very calm and not disturbing its neutral pH level is the smartest thing you can do in such a situation.

Use AHA and salicylic acid rich moisturizer and massage it on your face till it gets absorbed. Never use a face wash or moisturizer with Shea butter during an active acne break out. AHA will gently exfoliate the skin against residue and sebum, and will hydrate the underlying traumatized skin cells. It will also cool down the inflammated sebaceous glands, resulting in reduction of oil. Salicylic acid will fight against the acne causing bacteria until it will kill them. Never forget to use a sunscreen on top of your moisturizer. Choose a higher SPF sunscreen, preferably 50+++, since oily skin is more prone to be affected by UV rays. Choose an oil free sunscreen, preferably water resistant gel based sunscreen. It will control sweat all through the day.

4. Use Loose Compact Powders And Gel/water Based Foundations

Oily skin, if clogged due to anything, starts breaking out. So you have to be extra careful with not just the makeup products that you use, but also how to use them. Always apply ice on the face after cleansing it. Let it dry on its own. Then apply a thin layer of your everyday oil controlling moisturizer. It makes the pores fresh, and the skin makeup ready. Before using a foundation, sponge your face with a loose compact and let it settle down. Always use non comedogenic products. Now do your makeup like you normally do. Always use gel/water based foundations, so that they don’t attract dirt and the pores stay clean. Keep using your compact for frequent touchups so that the makeup doesn’t melt.

5. Tone Your Face

After your day winds up, with or without makeup, it is time to pamper your skin again. Gently use rose water to remove makeup. Never rub your skin. Mix your face wash and scrub, and massage your face for a good 10 minutes with soft hands. It will remove all the dirt and oil from the skin, and will reduce the chances of getting pimples. Wash it off with ice cold water. Now comes one of the most underrated, yet important step of maintaining oily skin. After dirt, oil and sebum are removed, the pores open up. Which means, they are empty now. Empty pores can attract dirt again. So, use a tone or an astringent generously on your face every night. Toner shrinks the open pores, reducing their size.

6. Use A Night Repair Cream

Moisturizing the skin is always the last step of a perfect everyday beauty regimen, but using a night repair cream/serum is the best idea for oily skin. Choose a gel/water based night cream that can control sweat and oil throughout the night time. Night creams/serums not just shrink active pimples, they also nourish the skin. They are rich in various vitamins and minerals that actively control oil, kill acne causing bacteria and gently bleach dark acne spots. Few examples of best night repair creams for oily skin are, Era Organics 10-in-1 Facial moisturizer with aloe vera, Neutrogena hydro boost water gel, Reviva oily skin night cream, rosehip night serum by eleven rose, and Facial oil balancing serum by thesis. These are just few examples, yet there are many other options in the market.

Use A Night Repair Cream

These beauty tips, when followed without a glitch, will make your skin oil free, flawless, fair, toned and radiant. However, pampering and making oily skin well balanced is an eventual process. You have to be patient and realistic about the results. The skin, when repaired, will be like a dream. But nothing happens overnight. So, keep following our beauty tips and flaunt your newly found glow.