6 Amazing Blotting Sheets For Oil Control Available In The Market

If you have the oily skin, then you need to face many problems, especially during summers, because in the summers, there is excess sweating, humidity and we cannot take out the face wash and clean our face in every hour, regular use of the face wash is also not good on the face, for this there are blotting paper or sheets in the market, you just need to apply it and these sheets will soak out the oil from your face easily, here is the list of the some of the oil control blotting sheets you can choose from.

1. Clean And Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Clean and clear oil absorbing sheets coming in packet form and you can easily put it in the bags, so if you are out for a day and you don’t have the time to apply face wash, then you should use this sheets to remove the oil from your face, it will disturb your makeup, this will just absorb the oil from your face and make your face oil free.

2. NYX Matte Blotting Paper

If you want a clear oil free face in the summers, without even removing the makeup, then you should try NYX matte blotting paper, the packaging is in the black color and the sheets are in white color, these sheets are light weight and soak the oil, girt from the face and retain the make up on the face, you need to take out the sheet and tap it on the face to get the freshness.

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3. The Body Shop – Tea Tree Blotting Tissues

Body shop is known for its beauty products and tea tree blotting tissues are the best to remove the oil and give you flawless look. It has the tea tree extracts in it which removes the oil from the face and gives you a matte finish, if you use it regular, then the blemishes and the fines line will also get disappear. The packet is small and easily fit in the pocket.

4. Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper

Shiseido has many beauty products in the market, pureness oil control blotting paper has no harmful effect on the face and soaks out the oil from the face and gives you a fresh face, it doesn’t give you any irritation and doesn’t take out the moisture of the face, the packaging is just like the hand bag, which you can carry with yourself.

5. Basicare Facial Oil Blotting Paper

If you want a fragrance of the lavender with no oil on the face, then you should apply Basicare facial oil blotting paper, the packet is small and there are light sheets in it, you need to tap the sheets on the oily face and it will remove all the oil from your face, this can be used on the sensitive skin also, it will not give any irritation to the face, it helps in removing the blemishes of the skin.

6. Inglot Cosmetics Oil Blotting Sheets

Inglot cosmetics oil blotting sheets are loved by most of the women, because these sheets will not smudge the make up from there face, these sheets give freshness to the face and remove the oil and the girt with giving any irritation, as you tap your face with these blotting sheets, you will get the shine and matte finish to the face. These sheets can be used for all type of skin.

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