6 Amazing Hair Growth Oils Available In The Market

Each and every part of the body needs nourishment and the same thing is applied on the hair also, the most important part of the hair is the scalps, if our scalps our nourished and moisturized, then our growth will be good and we don’t have any hair related problems, we should nourish our hair, for this we need to apply oil to the scalps and massage it, oil will externally provide the essential nutrients to the hair and we will have good hair, here is the list of the hair growth oil available in the market.

1. Trichup Hair Growth oil

Trichup hair growth oil is a good hair oil because as you massage your scalps with the oil, the blood flow to the scalps will be increased, this will give strengthen the scalps and you will have a good hair growth, it has the sesame oil, coconut oil which nourishes the scalps easily and provide the essential nutrients, this will also remove any fungus infection to the scalps or dandruff, this oil comes in a plastic bottle.

2. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

The main cause to the improper hair growth is the hair fall and the dandruff, all cause because of the fungus infection and improper nourishment. Satthwa premium hair oil gives strength to the scalps, it also remove the dandruff infection as it has the castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil in it, this promotes the hair growth, it is a herbal product, all you need to take small amount of the oil and then you need to apply this on the scalp and massage gently.

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3. Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil- Rosemary And Heena

Rosemary has the anti bacterial properties, this remove the dandruff of the skin, mignonette nourishes the hair. Khadi Ayurvedic hair oil rosemary and mignonette is a complete package for the hair growth, it removes the dandruff and other infection of the hair, you need to apply it as the night before going to the bed, this will make your hair bouncy and healthy, it is good if you have thin hair, it also rejuvenated the damaged scalps.

4. Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil for Growth

Dhathri herbal hair oil has the coconut oil extracts in it, it is totally herbal, this oil is good on the dead scalp, it promotes the hair growth and also, if you have the thin hair, then you should definitely try this hair oil, as you apply this oil to the scalps, it moisturizes the scalps and hydrates it, this will make your hair strong and bouncy, if you use this hair oil daily, then you will see amazing results in the hair growth.

5. Parachute Advance Scalp Therapy Hair Oil

Parachute advance scalp therapy hair oil is not a oil but it is a complete package for the good hair growth, it has the vitamin E in it, which fights with the dandruff, it has the coconut oil in it, which repairs the damaged scalps and also nourishes the scalps. It has a pleasant smell and comes in a light yellow color, just apply it before night to the scalp.

6. Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil

Aroma magic stimulate hair oil has the cedar wood and the rosemary extracts in it. These nutrients will make your scalps healthy and give the scalps proper nourishment, you hair will go faster and longer. You need to add same quantity of the water to the oil and then massage the scalps gently.

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