6 Amazing Maybelline Compact Powders At Home

When we are planning to go outside, then we need to do many things. The most important thing is to apply make up on the face and it is not an easy task to apply makeup on your face, we need many things for this. Compact powder is used on the face to have a light makeup on the face and also use to give the matte finish for the foundation, compact powders are best if we have the oily skin or we are going out in the summers. Maybelline is a well known brand, compact powders of the maybelline is good on the face.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Compact Powders By The Maybelline:

1. Maybelline Clear Glow All In Natural Compact Powder

Maybelline clear glow all in natural compact powder is a light weight fairness compact powder, comes with a combination of many benefits as this powder has a SPF  26 and PA++ protection, that helps in protecting your skin from UVA and UVB harmful rays, it controls the production of excess oil from surface of your skin and make your skin brighter, whiter and radiant. This face compact comes in nice light pink case with a sponge puff, mirror and the texture of compact is very fine and smooth.This compact powder comes with shine free formula, as it gives matter look to the skin by giving maximum coverage to hide your dark spot and give a nice, even glowing skin.

2. Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact

Maybelline New York white super fresh compact is amazing oil control compact, that contains pure mineral which helps in absorbing the oil present on surface of your facial skin and improves your skin complexion with a refreshing look. This perfecting compact has UV filter as well as 12 hours skin protection power that helps in protecting your skin from pollution or sun damage and make your skin feeling fresh, sweet or oil free in all day long. This compact has a fine texture, that gives a very smooth finish and comes in white color case with sponge and attached round mirror.

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3. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Pore-less Powder

Maybelline New York fit me matte plus pore-less powder is matte finish powder, that works very well on your skin, as it is a foundation as well as a concealer, it reduces the shine on your face at the same time, it gives a build able coverage over your make up. This fit me powder comes with perlite technology, that has a ability to disappear your skin pores and its blurring fine powder absorbs all sweat or oil from your skin and gives you a shine free and matt finish. The long lasting power of this compact is up-to 16 hours and best for women who have normal to oil skin.

4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Perfect Finish Face Powder

Maybelline instant age rewind perfect finish face powder is light weight finishing powder, that comes with weightless formula, as this compact makes you feel that your are not wearing any thing on your face, because it is made with a very fine and smooth, micro minerals that easily get blend on your skin. This compact contains SPF 25 that helps in protecting your skin from sun damage and goji berry helps in reducing fine line, signs of ageing,hide dark spots and patches as it give smooth, soft and shimmery looking skin.

5. Maybelline 30 Sand Super Stay 24 H Compact Powder

Maybelline 30 sand super stay 24 H compact powder is waterproof compact powder, that does not wash off easily even in rain or humid whether and it comes with micro flex formula as this pressed powder are super pigmented and contains micro fine minerals that gives you super shiny, flawless and pore less look. The long lasting power of this compact on your face is up-to 5 hour and also it glides smoothly on your face as it gives you perfect matt finish and flawless look.

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6. Maybelline White Stay UV Compact

Maybelline white stay UV compact is ultra fine and oil free powder,, that glides smoothly on your skin and makes your skin feeling soft, fresh and flawless even in summer season. This light weight compact contains SPF 18 and UV filter that protects your skin from harmful rays, pollution and reduces the production of melanin that causes skin darkening. This compact contains vitamin C, that helps in enhancing your skin complexion with out drying out your skin as its helps in setting all your makeup and give your pore less, even and matt coverage on your face. This maybelline compact comes in different shade such as light, ivory, nude, natural and fawn, it can be used by darkest to lightest skin tone people.

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