6 Amazing Nail Care Tips

Nails show to the outer world what his hygiene levels are. Well groomed nails speak volumes about a person. Our fingers play a major role while speaking and trying to explain things to people for their better understanding. Well groomed nails make the hands beautiful and tell the world that the person with such fingers is an active person who doesn’t feel lazy to groom themselves. Nails need to be maintained in a clean groomed manner since they are involved in cooking which compulsorily need to be hygienic.

Here Are Some 7 Amazing Diy Home Nail Care Tips:

1. Diet

Ensure you eat food that is rich in calcium. Take more of egg and milk to your diet. Adding calcium to your diet in an abundant manner not only makes you healthy but provides you strong nails. Calcium deficiency on the other hand can make nails brittle and broken with white spots all around. Understand about the food items that are rich in calcium and add them to your diet regularly.

Keep A Healthy Diet

2. Soak Nails In Lukewarm Water

Many a times we do not take enough care while buying nail polishes and removers. We tend to go in for cheap ones that have vast range of colors. We keep changing nail colors to suit our dress and use unbranded harmful nail removers. This makes the nail stained and spoils the nails health. Soaking your nails in lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice will help remove these stains while avoiding any hidden infection from spreading.

Soak Nails In Lukewarm Water

3. Get Rid Of Cuticles

Before getting your cuticles done, soak your nail in heated Olive Oil for some time. Then use the cuticle stick. The nails would have become softer during the process and to shape them with the cuticle would be easier. You can prepare your own cuticle balm by mixing coconut oil with one other essential oil. Apply it on the cuticles and have it overnight. Clean in the morning and then try with the cuticle stick. This is a proven way for showing off nice cuticles.

Get Rid Of Cuticles

4. Use Quality Nail Polish Remover

Avoid using unbranded nail polish remover. A wrong harmful nail polish remover can cause more damage than anticipated. Rectifying the damage caused will be too much of an effort. Use Acetone Free Nail polish remover which is usually safe on nails. Just dip this Acetone free nail polish in a piece of cotton and remove the nail polish on your nails in a soft manner.

Use Quality Nail Polish Remover

5. Gel Manicure

Like for any part of the body, nails also need regular blood flow for being healthy. Get good quality gels available for manicure purposes and massage your fingers regularly. This will enable blood flow in a streamlines manner making the fingers as well as the nails look healthy and strong.

Gel Manicure

6. Whitening Nails

Ensure that your nails are whitened and brought back to their natural colours every time you remove a dark colour polish from them. This whitening of nails can be done by soaking your nails in hot water mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda for a full minute duration. Alternatively you can clean your nails with a tooth brush using toothpaste.

Strengthens Nails