6 Amazing Scrubs With Sugar To Exfoliate Your Skin

We all use sugar to prepare a variety of sweet dishes. Wonderful and amazing sweet recipes cannot be made in the absence of sugar. But in the present context, sugar is also becoming one of the amazing skin care products. Since sugar is rich in skin-friendly properties, it is used in the preparation of wonderful scrubs. This sweet ingredient is helpful to exfoliate and remove the dead cells from your skin. It nourishes and conditions your rough skin. Today, we are sharing about some DIY sugar scrubs for cleansing your skin.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Scrubs With Sugar To Exfoliate Your Skin:

1. Sugar And Ginger

Sugar and ginger are loaded with many beauty properties. A superb scrub can be made with both these powerful beauty ingredients. For this, you need to cut the ginger into small pieces. Then, heat those pieces in the saucepan. Add little amount of coconut oil in the pan. Heat the small pieces of ginger and coconut oil for five to ten minutes. Then, turn off the flame. After that, cool the oil and ginger pieces. With the help of coffee filter, extract the juice from both the ingredients. Once the juice is extracted, add almond oil and granulated salt to that juice. Mix them too well. Gently apply this scrub on your skin. You can use this as the body scrub too.

Sugar And Ginger

2. Sugar And Cranberry

This is one of the amazing scrubs that work wonder on your skin. The ingredients needed for this scrub are sugar, vegetable glycerin, cranberries, oat powder and almond oil. Firstly, cranberries must be blended in a food processor. Add glycerin and almond oil also in that food processor. Later, place the mixture in a small container. Now, add granulated sugar, coconut oil and oat powder to that mixture. Your scrub is ready to use.

Sugar And Cranberry

3. Sugar And Tomatoes

Sugar when mixed with tomatoes and almond oil is very helpful in exfoliating your skin. This wonderful scrub naturally beautifies your skin. Mash a tomato and add it to sugar. Apply this mixture onto your skin and wait for few minutes. Tomatoes boost the elasticity in your skin. Sugar is highly known to be effective and beneficial in removing the dead cells from your skin.

Sugar And Tomatoes

4. Sugar With Vanilla And Coconut

The combination of these three ingredients acts as a fantastic moisturizer on skin. To reap the benefits of this scrub, add sugar with vanilla and coconut. Mix them well. Apply evenly on your skin and massage for some time. Remove the scrub with cold water to notice best results.

Sugar With Vanilla And Coconut

5. Sugar And Vitamin E Oil

If you have a dry skin, then this scrub is ideal for you. Cane sugar is loaded with amazing skin care properties. Vitamin E oil acts as an antioxidant agent which protects your skin from damages. All you have to do is to just take some cane sugar and mix it with vanilla extract, vitamin E oil, and coconut oil. Blend these ingredients thoroughly until you notice a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin. Soft and smooth skin can be achieved after the application of this scrub.

Sugar And Vitamin E Oil

6. Sugar And Banana

Sugar with banana not only moisturizes your skin but also makes it fresh and dirt free. This scrub can be made through mashing a brown and overripe banana. Add this mashed banana to granulated sugar. Then, apply to your skin. Leave it for some time. Wash with normal water. Your skin turns out to be a beautiful, soft, glowing and youthful with this scrub.

Sugar And Banana