6 Beauty Face Masks For Oily Skin You Must Know

Oily skin is a common problem with most of us. Oily skin not only has a layer of oil on our skin, but it is the sole reason for acne and the pimples caused because of it. Too much oily skin disgusts the other person, and it is very important to keep a clean face. Glowing skin can be achieved by other means as well; having excessive contents of oil and your face glowing with the same isn’t the way to go about it. Thus, let us consider some best ways by which you can get rid of your oily skin and have a fairer and a glowing one instead.

Here Are The 6 Beauty Face Masks For Oily Skin You Must Know:

1. Apple Facial Mask

Peel an apple and cut into small pieces. Rub the same on your face for some time and after the entire apple is finished, clan your face with cold water. This removes the oil and dirt sticking to the face and provides you with a naturally glowing skin. This is a natural way to get your skin texture back and a good thing about using this is that it can be done at home, no inconvenience caused.

Apple Facial Mask

2. Aloe Vera Homemade Facial Mask

Talking about convenience, having aloe vera at your home can be pivotal. Applying the gel from the inner skin of aloe vera is a good way to keep oil away from your skin. After applying it, your face would feel cool; relaxing you at the same time. Aloe vera can be easily stored in refrigerators and can be applied as many as three times a day, no chance of oily skin to reoccur.

 Aloe Vera Homemade Facial Mask

3. Fuller’s Earth

Having mud masks is another option you can use to prevent oily skin. This is one of the oldest ways used to remove oily skin. Using Fuller’s earth mud with honey and water can provide best results against oily skin. Not only the oily skin is removed, this tightens pores as the mud gets deep into the skin, thereby leaving no stone unturned.

Fuller’s Earth

4. Yoghurt And Tomato Mix

Yoghurt aids in exfoliating the skin as it absorbs large amounts of oil from your face while tomatoes help in cooling and clearing. Most of the beauty products are also made from these two, serving the similar purpose. Applying the mixture for not more than 15 minutes can boost the glow on your skin and remove oil as well. Adding honey to it would be even more advantageous as honey combats bacteria very well, providing a strong shield against pimples and black heads.

Yoghurt And Tomato Mix

5. Cucumbers Mask

Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, potassium and magnesium, which pretty much are present in the beauty products as they are good for oily skin. Cucumbers on the other hand also attain properties of being cool, astringent and soothing. Looking to remove freckles and sunburns, adding mashed cucumbers to lime juice and applying it on your face can be useful.

Cucumbers Mask

6. Egg Whites

It is difficult to manage oily skin but buying products (with high chemical content) from the market wouldn’t provide the best results always. Egg whites are another source for getting an oil free face. Applying a whipped egg on your face can dry out blemishes and tighten up pores, therefore removing the possibility of oily skin. In addition to this, egg whites are also helpful in toning of skin, making you look fairer and more beautiful.

Egg Whites