6 Best Ayurvedic Soaps Available For Your Beautiful Skin

The traditional method of medical system Ayurveda is considered as the best solution for all ailments. Even in the era of robotics Ayurveda proves to be the best solution for all skin issues as it has no side effects. The products are generally of herbal origin. Many brands of Ayurvedic products are available in the market these days. We commonly use chemical based products like soaps and shampoos in our daily life, which are not only harmful in the long run but also expensive. Bearing this in mind, we got a compilation oft top 6 best Ayurvedic soaps available in the market which can help in resolving your skin problems and make your skin glow.

1. Medimix

Medimix is an Ayurvedic Indian soap launched in 1969.it is one of the most trusted soaps by people. Medimix contains herbal oils which can cure skin diseases. It is a Chennai based soap manufacturing company which started medimix. The various varieties are Medimix Classic 18 herbs, soap, Medimix Glycerin soap, Medimix Sandal soap etc. Apart from soaps medimix also sells face wash.

2. Himalaya Ayurvedic Soaps

The famous Ayurvedic brand Himalaya markets various brands like soaps, shampoos, skin creams face washes and many more. Himalaya has a range of herbal soaps like Himalaya alovera soap, Himalaya neem soap, Himalaya turmeric soap etc. All these soaps are quite effective and have good brand value in the market. They also sell Himalaya baby soap which has a richness of moisture from alocera. Himalaya products are very used full if you are suffering from acne or other similar problems. So, this can come as a must try soap in the list.

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3. Patanjali Soaps

This brand has gained huge popularity in no time. Patangali bathing soaps are one of the fastest sellers in the market. The variety of soaps available are Patanjali .Kanti Haldichandan cleanser ,Panchgvya Body soap ,Lemon Honey Kanti Body soap and many more. patanjali is started by Baba ramdev, who has taken Ayurveda in public. Apart from these soaps Patanjali has more than 12 varieties of soaps available in the market. You can choose the best soap available in your nearest store or by online purchase. These soaps are less expensive when compared to the branded ones in the market.

4. Krishna Tulasi Pure Ayurvedic Soap

As per Hindu mythology Tulsi is considered to be most sacred plant. Apart from being sacred it is said to contain many medicinal properties. Krishna Tulasi uses a blend of tulasi and coconut oil, which helps to cleanse your body and provide nourishment.

5. Khadi Ayurvedic Soaps

Almost 10 varieties of khadi Ayurvedic soaps are available.thesesoaps are made-up of pure herbs and natural resources. Khadi soaps contain various types like,Rose, sandlewood,alovera, tumeric, saffron, Neem ,Retha etc. You can buy these products online as well.

6. Chandrika

This brand of Ayurvedic soaps is owned by Wipro. It is in fast-moving consumer goods. The soaps were launched in 1940 and gained huge popularity.the soap contains oils of lime peel ,hydnocarpus,sandlewood and orange. The soaps are available in a pack of 10 in online. Apart from these above brands various other brands like biotique , la flora aayush and many more products are available in the market. Ayurvedic products are good for health without any kind of side effects. Hence they can be trusted the most. We hope you like our compilation and it will help your skin to glow naturally.

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