6 Best Lower Body Stretches For Women

Stretches are extremely important for anyone who loves to keep their body fit and active throughout the time and given the fact that stretches as an exercise regime is absolutely great and full of benefits, there is no reason but to follow the same in the long run. While the major benefits of stretching for men and women alike are increased efficiency in movements, improved blood supply and nutrients to the joint regions, decreased risk of inducing injuries and reduced muscular tension among others, the others include a greatly improved posture and balance improvement and better neuro muscular coordination, thus it is but important to stretch regularly.

While stretch exercises are immense that one can practice, here we will be discussing some of the great best lower body stretch exercises that a woman can follow to stay active and fit all her life.

Some Of The Best Lower Body Stretches For Women Are Discussed Below:

1. The Butterfly Groin Stretch Exercise Regime

This is a great lower body stretch exercise which you can try out to give your lower body a great workout and stretch. To so this you would need to sit on the floor and to get the feel together close to the body and then try to press the elbows on the thighs more to get the stretch.


2. The Lying Quad Stretch Exercise Regime

This stretch exercise is similar to the standing stretch, however the effects are better in case you do it in a lying down pose and the results are better. To do this you would need to lie on the floor on one if the sides and try to bend the upper knee backwards and try to stretch it at the back as much as you can. The intensity of this stretch depends on more you can bend the knees at the back.


3. The Hamstring Stretch Exercise Regime

The Hamstring Stretch exercise can be done in two major ways, the first one is by splitting the legs on the floor and stretching while trying to hold on to the heel one after the other well and the other way is to bend one of the legs while trying to extend the other at the front as much as possible. The fact remains that both the types of stretch work wonders on the lower body and can be discomforting in case your lower back is stiff. Try doing this to see the change in you in no time.


4. The Lying Hip Stretch Exercise Regime

This one is known to open the stiff hip region and get you in shape in no time. This kind of hip stretch is done on the floor where one of the leg is placed on the other and while you try to bring both of it as close to your body in order to increase the intensity of the stretch in the lower body region. Looks easy but it is greatly tiresome and effective without doubt.


5. The Calf Stretch Exercise Regime

This is way different than the standing version as this stretch exercise works greatly on the lower body as it does to the upper body region. To do this you would need to lye down and come to all fours and press to the ground with the palms and the feet as much as you can. The more you press the better it becomes.


6. The Step up Calf Stretch Exercise Regime

This one is another great lower body exercise to tone the calves where you need to stand straight and then put the right foot on a stair and extend the left leg backwards. The next step is to stretch the right leg by pushing it at the front in a bend and repeat with the other leg.