6 Best Rolex Watches For Women

Watches look as beautiful as bracelets do. In fact, they make an amazing trendy wrist jewellery, when used smartly. They are also an excellent option for women who don’t like to accessorize much. And when it comes to watches, what’s better than a few popular brands, like Rolex? Rolex is a trusted giant brand that delivers high end products that look trendy as well as chic and sophisticated. No matter what your taste be, Rolex will never fail you. So, have a quick look at our list of 6 handpicked wrist watches by Rolex that might just be the ideal companion you have been looking for since forever.

1. Day-Date 40 President Yellow Watch, 228348 Diamond Bezel Baguette Watch

Jewell up your wrist with this classy Rolex watch that is twice water resistant than any other wrist watch in the market is. It has a dazzling golden round dialling panel studded with 48 scintillating diamond pieces towards the outer rim of the panel. Despite finished with sapphire pieces, this watch has a hint of subtle shine even under lights. It is scratch proof and completely automatic. Needless to say, it makes an exceptional business watch as well.

2. Rolex Datejust 36 Pink Index Dial Oyster Watch

This is a scratch resistant watch by Rolex that works well even as a royal bracelet. Flaunt it on your date or any random party to increase your style quotient. The mild pink hue of the dialling panel contrasted with a silver colour metallic strap looks highly refreshing and totally chic. Despite being a sophisticated analog watch, it can continue working without the support of a battery for a little under 2 days. Being sculpted out of strong stainless steel, it stays scratch free. It can last even in 330 feet deep water without getting damaged.

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3. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31, Olive Green Watch

Go colourful with this trendy olive green diamond studded wrist watch by Rolex. Submerged in contrasting olive green dialling panel and silver and golden metallic strap, this Rolex watch is a sure shot arm candy. Its stainless steel body not just makes it close to unbreakable, it also makes the watch strong enough to resist scratches. Its needles, hour and minute, are pure 18 carat gold.

4. Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 29 Everose Gold Diamond Rolex Watch

This watch is an amalgamation of 18 carats pure gold needles and diamond crystals running through the scintillating dial panel, the round case and the rose hue metallic strap. The diamond pearls are real and not artificially coloured. Its perfectly sculpted stainless steel body gives it the much needed strength to resist scratches as well as water. It was introduced in the market for purchase in the year 2005. And ever since, this pure pearl watch has been ruling the hearts of many.

5. Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 37 Everose Gold Rolex Watch

This signature Rolex watch is a mixture is stainless steel with class gold. While stainless steel makes it unbreakable, water resistant, scratch resistant and durable, gold adds to its shine, sheen and lustre. It has a chocolate brown dialling panel and its needles, except for the seconds one, are pure 18 carat gold. The needles and the panel are rust proof. It has an automatic date displaying panel at the right corner of the dialling panel. The straps of this Rolex are shaded in the hues metallic silver and rose pink.

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6. Lady-DateJust 28, Oyster Everose And Diamonds Rolex Watch

This is an ideal sculpted piece for women who like to keep it subtle, yet trendy. This lightweight Rolex watch has a chocolate brown dialling panel with pure 18 carat minute as well as hour needle. Small and perfectly cut similar diamond pieces are placed within the dialling panel, as well as around its outer edge. Its metallic straps have contrasting light and dark rose hue that gives the watch a touch of subtle shade that is nor dull, neither too loud.

So, if you’re an ardent watch lover, you must embrace the beauty of these unmatched Rolex watches to feel their elegant touch rubbing against your palms.

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