6 Best Sodium Rich Foods Which Are Useful To Your Body

“Sodium or Na ” this chemical element is tangled with so many inhibitions. Some say that sodium must be a mandatory component in your diet and others say the low sodium diet is the best. But most of us are not clear about the levels of sodium one must maintain. So, here we are providing a comprehensive guide to maintain appropriate sodium content in the body. Sodium is required to maintain blood pressure, Ph balance and other metabolic activities in the body. Na levels are also necessary to control osmotic equilibrium.

We all know that we take sodium chloride or common salt as a principle source of Sodium. 500mg of sodium is required for all our physiological activities. However we generally consume 3.4 gms of sodium on an average. The maximum upper limit for the intake is 2.3 gms per day. If you stop consuming sodium below the prescribed levels you may have problems related to low blood pressure and giddiness. During this time you need to go for sodium rich foods. Here is a list of 6 best sodium rich foods which are helpful to you

1. Spinach

Have you ever felt that you added very low salt to spinach but tastes too salty? If yes, then the reason is spinach is too rich in sodium, which makes your dish salty. Spinach is an excellent combination of greens and sodium. A full cup of cooked spinach will contain more than 180 mg of Na. Swiss chard is another similar vegetable which contains a good amount of sodium levels.

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2. Chips And Crackers

Surprising!! But true. We all know that packed food like chips are very salty to taste.[2] These are the best sources in case you feel you are running out of sodium levels, and would like to immediately upgrade the levels. The disadvantage of these foods is they also contain preservatives which can be harmful to your health in the long run.

3. Beet Root

This vegetable is an amazing source of sodium, but at the same time most ignored one. If you were ignoring beet all these days, then it’s time to re include beetroot into your diet. Apart from sodium, it also contains potassium and proteins.

4. Pickles

Be it grandmothers tasty pickles or the pickled vegetables available in the market , both are equally rich in sodium. Specially pickled olives, cucumbers and other vegetables are very high in salt content. Similarly Jalapeno Peppers and Sauerkraut have more than 70%of sodium in them.

5. Meat And Fish

Naturally meat and fish contain some sodium in them, but cured meat contains very high sodium levels. Canned Anchovy and dried meat products are too high in sodium. Sea food like Salted cod, shrimps and crabs are rich in sodium.

6. Cheese And Yogurt

Processed cottage cheese is a rich source of sodium, one cup full of cottage cheese can help you to gain 40% of the sodium required per day.[6] Apart from sodium, cottage cheese is also rich in proteins and calories. Yogurt can also be helpful to solve low sodium levels in food. It is both healthy and appropriate to include in your everyday diet.

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Apart from the above list there are many products like black tea, coconut milk, salad dressings, sauces and soups which can fill the sodium gap in the metabolism. But one should also be cautious about the negative side of high sodium levels. If you consume high sodium food on a regular basis, it can be very harmful. Hence the recent buzz of low sodium diet has started. You need to maintain appropriate levels of sodium and lead a health life.

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