6 Best Tricep Exercises For Women


Nowadays, not only just men want amazingly sculpted body but also women love to get an amazing sculpted and chiseled body. Working out the triceps, muscles, abs, was just considered by men. However women these days have changed and want a healthy and stunning body just like men. For the ladies who love to workout hard and get amazing triceps and perfectly crafted body, here are the tips which can get your amazingly health and strong triceps. These workouts are for the workout freak ladies who love to carve their triceps and flaunt them. You can swear on these amazing triceps exercises which would tone your triceps and make your arms and body look adorable and perfect.

Below Are The 6 Best Tricep Exercises For Women:

1. Triceps Lift

For working out on the triceps, this is the best and awesome workout you can consider. Use dumbbells for getting more amazing and quicker results. Stand straight in the beginning of the workout while carrying the dumbbells on both the hands. Now get into the position of walking. Stretch your one leg behind and one leg forward and keep your hands behind. Pull and life your hands in an upward direction. Stretch for some minutes and you would feel the stress and pressure on your triceps. Hold on in this position for a few minutes and the release.


2. Triceps Pushups

Triceps pushups are a new variation which you can try. Triceps pushups would help in getting strong and perfectly sculpted arms and triceps. Just get into the position of regular pushups but apply more stress and pressure on the triceps and arms. This workout would surely give you strong and amazing arms.


3. Triceps Extensions

Triceps extensions with dumbbells are just as miraculous as other exercise. The triceps extensions are followed and are recommended by the fitness experts for the ladies who specially want to ton ether arms and triceps. Try this amazing workout with dumbbells and get quicker results. Hold the dumbbells in both the hands backward. Not raise the dumbbells in the upward direction and the return back. Repeat this workout for fewer times and get amazing results soon.


4. Side Plank And Dumbbell Raises

Planks are generally the most strengthening and effective workouts. They are recommended for the ladies who want extremely fit and strong arms and core. Perform side planks and dumbbell raises for each hand to get amazing results in a very quick span of time. Get in the side plank position and raise your arm while holding a dumbbell. Hold on this position for few minutes and the release.


5. Lateral Lifts For Triceps

Lateral lifts are the variation of dumbbell raises. Instead of raising the dumbbells above your head, raise the dumbbells on the backward position. This workout focuses especially on the arms and makes them stronger and nicely sculpted. Hold the dumbbells in the hands and get into the walking position. Stretch your hands backward and hold on in the same position. This would apply pressure on the arms and triceps.


6. Triceps Pushdown With Dumbbells

This workout is extremely simple and effective. Hold the dumbbells in both the hands and stand straight. Now push down the dumbbells with a stretch and bring them back up. Repeat his process and exercise for 15-20 times for each session. This would help in toning tour muscles and arms and give you perfect and desirable triceps.