6 Breathing Exercises And Benefits For Relaxation During Menopause

Menopause is a stage of fearsome to most of the woman around the world. But, few women don’t encounter annoying symptoms during menopause. But, here is good news for those who are sailing g in this stage with various irritating symptoms. This stage can be handled very easily by practicing few breathing techniques. Generally, breathing is done reflexively. The process of breathing takes place even without our awareness of it. The problem arises when one doesn’t pay attention to it in order to follow a healthy life pattern. As you observe, you can notice that you are following shallow breaths. But, deep breathing is required to keep you healthy during menopause stage. To perfect in deep breathing technique, practice is needed. It is always recommended to eliminate irritating symptoms during menopause stage by following natural ways instead of relying on medications. In this article, we are sharing with you the five breathing practices that are highly helpful to ease the symptoms of menopause.

Here Are The 6 Breathing Exercises And Benefits For Relaxation During Menopause:

1. Belly Breathing

Belly breathing or abdominal breathing lays the foundation for a high-quality workout session. Be it tai chi, yoga or Pilates, abdominal breathing helps in expanding your lungs to intake more air. It is also highly effective in strengthening abdominal muscles. Sit in a comfortable position. Now, place your hands on abdomen by ensuring that your fingertips are touching the center of abdomen. Imagine that there is a balloon that inflates and deflates as you breathe in and breathe out respectively. This breathing techniques ensures that the capacity of your lungs are fully utilized which are not fully utilized in the case of shallow breathing. Continue this procedure for three easy slow breaths. Don’t strain by holding the breath.

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2. Rhythmic Breathing

Hurried and short breathing patterns does not provide you adequate amount of oxygen to your body. So, you need to practice rhythmic breathing technique to supply your body with the sufficient amount of oxygen. In this breathing technique, you need to count to five while you inhale and count five as you exhale. By practicing this breathing technique, you can feel relaxation even better.

3. Breathing Visualization

This technique is easy to practice. Sit in a comfortable place. Keep your eyes closed and start visualizing your breathing. Imagine that as you breathe in you are feeling more relaxed and as you breathe out your tensions are going out off your body. Visualize the journey of your breathe from nostrils to lungs to chest and vice versa as you exhale.

Benefits Of Breathing Exercises During Menopause

1. Eases Stress

Increased levels of stress are one of the common problems encountered by a woman with menopause. This problem can be easily handled by regular practice of breathing techniques. Stress when minimized can help you to lead a happy life. Stress is one of the factors that in turn increase the risk of various health problems.

2. Deals With Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the problems faced by menopause women. This problem disturbs them in daily activities. Also, women suffer from inadequate sleep during menopause due to hot flashes. This problem can be effectively dealt with proper breathing patterns.

3. Relieves From Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is one of the common problems faced by many women who are sailing through the stage of menopause. Such women lose control over bladder and urine loss happens involuntarily while coughing or running. Few women feel sudden and strong need to urinate. This problem can be relived with regular practice of breathing exercises.

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