6 Dazzling Hairstyles For Girls With Small, Medium And Long Hair

Every morning you wake up with a desire to do something different with your hair. But due to the shortage of time, you end up doing the same braids, buns or ponytails. Do you want to apply a different hairdo to look ravishing every day? Then you are at right place. We have brought simple and easy but dazzling hairstyles, Try out these hairstyles and stun yourself.

Here Are The 6 Dazzling Hairstyles For Girls With Small, Medium And Long Hair:

1. Messy Side Fishtail

In this hairstyle, we have given a new look to your old-fashioned fishtail. To get this look you need a rubber band, two bobby pins and five minutes. Take a section of your hair from front left side and give it a twist. You can secure the twist using two bobby pins. Now bring all you hair to the right side and tie them into a fishtail. After you are done, secure the tail with a rubber band and loosen your braid carefully. This will give your long hair a new messy look with an old fishtail.

Messy Side Fishtail

2. Messy French Twist

Messy look is the new look. It is a classic chignon with a new twist. A messy chignon has become every girl’s favorite these days. To get this look you have to secure your hair from the front with bobby pins to get a nice puffy look. After that, you can simply finger comb your hair or give them a French twist and secure with bun pins, a clip or bobby pins. This hairstyle goes with all length hair.

Messy French Twist

3. Twisted Ponytail

This is an amazing hairstyle for medium length hair. Make three partitions of your hair starting from top to the bottom. Tie each section separately with rubber bands making three chignon ponytails, one above the other. Twist each ponytail separately inserting hair from one ponytail into the other. Whether you are going to a formal meeting or a party, this twisted ponytail is the best-picked hairstyle for any occasion.

Twisted Ponytail

4. Twisty Bun

If you are in a hurry, try this hairstyle. This will not just save your time but will also enhance your look. Make an equal partition of your medium length hair and tie them into two high ponytails. Divide each ponytail into two sections and start twisting. After you are done with twisting, wind up both twisted braids into a bun. Use bun pins to secure your bun.

Twisty bun

5. Side Chignon Ponytail

This cute side chignon ponytail looks good on girls with medium or short length hair. To get this look, all you need to do is make your old lazy ponytail and invert it into a chignon ponytail. Bring your hair to one side of your neck and make a ponytail. Now invert the ponytail like an easy chignon leaving hair loose in a ponytail. Getting this look won’t take more than two minutes.

Side chignon ponytail

6. Summer Braid

Summer braid looks dazzling on girls with short hair. Start making a dutch braid where the parts of your hair meet your forehead. Continue braiding along your hairline. When you reach your ear, switch to the other side. Make another dutch braid on this side as well. It’s obvious that some of your hair will fall off the braids. Let them fall as they will give it a messy look. Now join the two braids using a clear rubber band and secure with bobby pins.

Summer braid