6 Deep-Conditioning Masks To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

Coloring the hair and experimenting with different hair shades is simply awesome and cool. Women love to try different shades and colors on the hair which would completely redefine the entire personality of anyone. However, coloring the hair comes with a concern of hair damage. The harmful ingredients and elements used in the hair colors are extremely dangerous for the hair and can cause damage. Though today, the companies producing hair colors assure to use the ingredients which are not damaging and dangerous for hair but, the risk of hair damage and breakage is significant. The colored hair needs nourishment and proper care which can be provided by using various deep conditioning masks. These masks make the hair silkier, conditioned and nourished which would help in improve the quality of your hair.

Below Are The Deep-Conditioning Masks To Take Care Of Coloured Hair:

1. Coconut And Olive Oil Hair Mask

Coconut oil is extremely nourishing for hair. If you have colored hair and want strong and beautiful hair, you must try this awesome mask and get flourishing hair. Mix coconut oil and olive oil and create a stunning mask. Apply this mask on your hair and wrap the hair into a cap. Let this mask work on your hair for an hour and then rinse with a mild shampoo. Apply this awesome mask once a week to protect your hair from further damage and brittleness.

Coconut And Olive Oil Hair Mask

2. Banana Honey And Coconut Oil Mask

Bananas are extremely amazing which can make the hair bouncy and beautiful. If you have brittle, dull and shine less hair, you can try this amazing mask for recovering your hair. Prepare a mask from ripen bananas, honey and coconut oil and apply it in the entire hair. Keep it for an hour and then rinse. This awesome mask would not only make the skin bouncy and beautiful but also it would make it shiny, nourished and flawless.

Banana Honey And Coconut Oil Mask

3. Avocado And Egg Mask

Rough avocados are amazing for skin and hair. They have amazing nutritional properties which makes the hair nourished and healthy. If you are afraid of your hair getting damaged and brittle due to coloring, you can try this repairing mask and get cool results. Mix some avocado crush and egg yolk and prepare a mask apply this mask on your entire scalp and rinse after an hour. We assure you would get flawless results within fewer applications itself.

Avocado And Egg Mask

4. Egg Mask

Eggs are amazing and filled with extremely nutritional elements. The proteins, Vitamins and calcium of the eggs makes the hair too shiny and glorious. Extract some egg yolk and apply this on the entire hair. Wrap it into a cap or plastic cover and rinse after an hour. This amazing mask would get you bouncy, long and glorious hair soon.

Egg Mask

5. Honey Mask

Honey is a natural smoothening element which would make your hair as silky as never before. Apply honey on your entire scalp and hair and let it work wonders on your scalp for an hour and rinse. Apply this mask once a week regularly and get jaw dropping results.

Honey Mask

6. Mayonnaise Mask

Mayonnaise is not just tasty and yummy but also it gives awesome results on hair. If you have dry, brittle and frizzy hair due to coloring, you can try this awesome mask for your hair. Apply mayonnaise on your hair regularly and get desired results. Regular application of mayonnaise would make your hair bouncy, moisturized, nourished and ravishingly beautiful.

Mayonnaise Mask