We curated our favourite easy formal hairstyles for very long straight hair for everyday office and events. Check it out!

Do you have long hair? Then ponytails and simple buns must the only hairstyles you pick every day. Aren’t you sick of those long ponytails and heavy buns?

We understand that handling and styling long hair needs a lot of time. But trust us spending extra five minutes can give your hair lovely locks.

You just need some teeny bits, hot tools, and some time to look stylish every day. Let’s not deny – not everyone is a hairstyle savvy. But with little efforts, you can give your luscious look a touch of glamor. 

We have tried to bring the best on-the-go formal hairstyles that can go with your office looks. From straight to curly hair, up-dos to braids, here is the list of six best formal hairstyles for long hair.

Easy Formal Hairstyles For Very Long Straight Hair

Half Braid For Straight Formal Hairstyles

Formal Hairstyles For Very Long Straight Hair

Half braid can give you an elegant and charming look. Take a section of your hair and keep it in front. Make a half French-knot from the top and tie it with a simple braid made with the section of hair kept in front.

Leave rest of the hair tied in a ponytail. This half-braid gives your office look an extra charm.

Half Braid

You can wear a half-braid with a nice dress for a formal occasion or a casual party look.

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Sleek And Sexy Bun

top bun for long hair

This high bun gives your formal look a divine touch. To get this look, you just have to pull all your hair into a high ponytail, like always. Then wind up your ponytail into a high, tight bun.

formal high bun

Use discreet bun pins to secure the bun for a polished look. You can use hairspray to set the bun and get a sleek finishing touch. If you are a short girl, there is an additional benefit for you. This high bun will make you look tall.

sleek formal high bun

Twist Ponytail

Twist Ponytail

This twist ponytail is a great hairstyle to start your day. Just take a section of your hair either from the right or left side. Start twisting this section after dividing it into two parts. Bring the twists to the opposite side of your neck and tie them with the rest of your hair into a nice ponytail.

easy Twist Ponytail for office

To get a polished look, take a small section of your hair and cover the rubber band.

Classy Sleek Vixen Ponytail

This ponytail will give you a classy and flawless look. You need some bobby-pins and a rubber band to get this look.

Twist Ponytail for offcie

Comb your hair nicely and straighten them if needed. Now take a section of your hair and secure them with bobby pins. Now twist the other section of the hair and secure with bobby pins.

Make a ponytail using a rubber band and cover the band with a small section of your hair.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do a vixen ponytail. Check it out!


This is the easiest and coolest hairstyle to get a high-class formal look. Take a section of your hair from the right side and pull it to the left. Take another section of your hair from the left and pull it to the right. Secure them with a bobby pin.

Fishtail Bun

Fishtail Bun for office

This is the craziest hairstyle and gives a charming formal look. All you need to do is, make a nice fishtail and loosen either the left or the right side of your braid carefully. Now pull your braid and secure with bun pins making a bun.

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Fishtail Bun for long hair

This would be a beautiful updo prom hairstyle for long straight hair.

Easy Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair: FAQs

What hairstyle suits formal dress?

There are a range of formal hairstyles you can do with a formal dress like updos, sleek ponytails, low buns, intricate braids, and more

Is a ponytail professional for an interview?

A sleek ponytail would be the perfect hairstyle for an interview. It’ll keep all the hair away from your face neatly while making you look classy. Alternatively, you can also wear a tight bun or braid your hair.

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