6 Easy Kegel Exercises For Women

Kegel exercises can be prefaced as an exercise form that puts your pelvic and genital muscles to work so it can be strengthened before giving birth and post-pregnancy. More frequently it has been found that if one does the Kegel Exercise, it can give relaxation to genitals. Other teething problems like urinary, fecal incontinence, relaxation of pelvic muscles, improvement in gall bladder functioning too can be achieved.

Like other forms of exercise Kegel exercise too have a ground rule to follow; that you must keep your bladder entry and urinate before starting this exercise regime. Kegel exercise is basically done in not so activated movements. Rather the goal is to concentrate on the muscles that require internal toning. Sticking around Kegel exercises fetch you reward in the form of thoroughly alluring sexual life and wellness. You need to the difficult task straightaway, just adapt your body to these 6 easy Kegel exercises.

Below Are The 6 Easy Kegel Exercises For Women:

1. Seated Ball Squeeze

In a relaxed state of mind, this exercise can be done by women regardless of age. The exercise requires you to sit on chair and insert a ball in between legs. Next, you need to start crushing the ball by using low to medium leg strength. Breathe out as you squeeze the ball in between your legs and keep tabs on fluid movement. You are required to do 10 reps a day.


2. Wind Relieving Pose

A yogic posture, wind relieving pose contracts the vaginal muscles that increases your bladder control as well. Lie on the yoga mat face upwards. Fold your legs so the knees are visible from your resting point. Now, lift the upper along with your hands to hold the knees. Try touching your knees with chin and hold on to this posture for 10 seconds.


3. The Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is very effective in ensuring blood flow in the pelvic muscles and uses other muscles for greater power. After your lie flat on your back, fold your legs so the knees are at 90 degrees and toes firmly clasped to the floor. Raise the mid back area whilst the head is on the floor. Put your hands behind your lifted back and lock the fingers. Stay in this posture long as you can.


4. The Clamshell

Position your body in side plank pose without lifting it, rather the side facing the floor should be grounded. If you start with the left side rested on floor, lift the right leg so as the shin is at 90 degrees in mid air. Clapshell strengthens the lower back and is particularly beneficial for glutes. It is also one most easily and advised Kegel exercise that check on urine incontinence and elevates healthy sex life.


5. Boat Pose

Another yogic pose that can be treated as Kegal exercise. This poses thrusts on pelvic strength and also helps you in contraction of bladder. When you raise both your upper and lower body on the poise created by pelvic muscles, the contraction is said to happen. The shape of your body resembles the shape of boat, hence the name.


6. Tummy Tucking

Avoid the rigorous forms of tummy tucking. Instead squeeze your tummy in by simply lying on the floor like a corpse. Focus on detecting the muscles which gets contracted the most. Alternatively, you should also try and engage the vaginal muscles.