6 Easy To Do Ways To Lighten Skin Tone

Even tone and fair skin is the desire of every woman but beautiful and fair tone cannot be achieved overnight. You are born with a specific skin type and color. Various aspects like seasonal changes, surroundings, skin type and the attention you pay towards your skin decides the skin’s appearance. You cannot completely change your skin color but can get refreshing and beautiful fairness and cleanliness over your skin.

Here Are Some Tips You Need To Follow For Enriching Your Skin Tone:

1. Usage Of Sunscreen Lotion

Companies come up with advanced sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from sun damage and sun tan. If you want a healthy and glowing fair skin, you need to take care of such little aspects which can cause tanning or dullness in your skin. Use sun screen lotion with high SPF values to get protected from the harmful effects of sun raises and will give you fairer tone. Regular usage of sun screen lotion will not only prevent you from getting darker tone but will also keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Usage of Sunscreen lotion

2. Cleansing And Rejuvenating The Skin

As it is known that fairness cannot be achieved overnight. It depends on the way you care for your skin. For getting fair skin tone it is very important to remove the dead skin cells and open the pores while cleansing the skin. Try using various herbal scrubs for opening the pores and cleansing your skin deeply. Wash your face with warm water to rejuvenate. This process will remove the dust and toxins from your skin and will make you feel youthful and glowing. Cleansing your skin with delicacy and softness using mild products will improve the quality of your skin soon.

Cleansing and rejuvenating the skin

3. Drink More Water For Detoxification

Water is an amazing detoxification agent which will flush out the impurities and will provide you a glowing and fairer skin. It is suggested that you must during 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated and full of energy. The detoxification process will slush the impurities out of your body and will provide you radiant and shiny skin.

Drink 10-12 glasses of water

4. Lemon Juice For Brighter Skin

Lemon has acidic properties which makes it widely used for improving the skin tone. If you have dark skin on your face, patches on your face, dark and dead skin over any part of your body, lemon juice can give you beautiful and radiant skin all over. Rub the lemon slices over your face and the areas having dark skin. This will remove the dead skin cells and provide natural cleansings to your skin. Use this method to naturally get fair tone.

Lemon Juice for brighter skin

5. Try Turmeric And Curd Paste

This magical spice is traditionally used in diet and cosmetic products for health life and body. Turmeric is filled with benefits for skin care. You can use turmeric along with milk and gram flour to get beautiful and fair skin. Apply the mixture of these ingredients and let it set for an hour. Remove this pack and you will find your skin naturally lighter and smoother. You can also take bath with this paste instead of using soap.

Try turmeric and curd paste

6. Potato Juice

Surprisingly, potatoes are natural agents used for lightening the skin tone. You can crush the potatoes and apply it over the face or you can squeeze out some potato juice and apply it over your face. With regular usage, you will find your skin fairer and beautiful.

Potato Juice