6 Effective Breathing Exercise For Healthy Lungs

Lungs, the largest organs in the body are responsible for supplying the cells with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide out of the body. Pollution, smoking and so many other things affect the lungs and cause breathing problems. So, it is essential to cleanse the lungs to keep it healthy through regular breathing exercises. In addition, breathing exercises not only cleanse the lungs and the air passage and improve lung volume, but also relieve stress, tension and help you stay calm and relaxed. If you are new to breathing exercises and do not know how to start with one, here we have complied six excellent and effective ones that will help you stay healthy. Have a look to learn how to stay in the pink.

Effective Breathing Exercise for Healthy Lungs:

1. Morning Lung Cleanser

Stand upright with feet hip width apart and arms on your hips. Start taking deep breaths. Gasp through your nose and puff out through the mouth. Inhale deeply and exhale completely so that even the last fleck of air is expelled out. Use your diaphragm and stomach to expel all the air out. Inhale fresh air to fill the lungs completely and hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhale completely and continue the process.

2. Abdominal Breathing

Lie down supine on a flat surface with your knees slightly bent. Position your left arm on your abdomen and your right arm on your chest. Start taking deep breaths slowly while breathing open your mouth and breathe through it. Expand your stomach like a balloon consciously, expand the ribs and then the upper chest so that your lungs are filled with air to full capacity. Next, exhale completely to drive out the air and continue deep breathing.

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3. Humming Bee Breath

Sit upright in lotus position with eyes shut. Position your index fingers over the cartilage between the cheek and the ear. Take one deep breath and make a noisy hum as you exhale. Press the cartilage in and out as you inhale and exhale. Continue the process for 10 times. A low-pitched humming sound is good but a high-pitched humming is better.

4. Chinese Breathing Exercise

Sit comfortably at the tip of a chair with your arms on your knees. Gaze forward and be relaxed. Open your mouth and exhale all the air forcefully from the lungs. Tighten your abdomen as you exhale and lean forward to help force out all air from the lungs. Relax your abdomen immediately and gasp air through your nostrils as you get back to original position slowly. Force out air through your mouth once your lungs are half filled with air. Continue the breathing process for 10 counts. Take deep breaths in between for balancing your breaths.

5. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Start with sukhasana and close your eyes. Use your right thumb to close your right-side nostril and inhale through your left side nostril. Hold your breathing for a second and open your right nostril. Simultaneously, close your left-side nostril with your right middle finger and exhale through the right-side nostril. Repeat the same for 15 counts and switch sides.

6. Pursed-Lips Breathing

This breathing exercise can slow down breathing and keeps the airways open for a long time. This will help your lungs to function better and also improves the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This exercise can be practiced any time. Breathe in slowly through nostrils. Now purse your lips like you do while blowing on something or pouting. Breathe out slowly through pursed lips. Repeat. Breathing out will take longer time than breathing in.

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