6 Effective Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper Back

Spending umpteen number of hours in front of a laptop or computer, is the reason why most women these days have a weak upper back. Also, lack of proper movements, causes a build-up of tension in the nape and neck area. Moreover, lack of movements can cause an accumulation of fat in the upper back area. One of the reasons why many women shy away from wearing strapless dresses or tank tops. That is why today we have rounded a list of upper back strengthening exercises that can overtime tone your upper back area. Follow them properly to achieve well-toned upper back area that you can flaunt effortlessly without hesitation. Take a look at these super effective exercises here.

Here Are The 6 Effective Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper Back:

1. Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead tricep extension is one exercise that is known for its ability to strengthen the upper back muscles. This particular movement targets the muscles in the upper back area. From improving the posture and endurance, it also tones the upper back area. To perform this exercise, you will have to hold a dumbbell from both your hands. You can either sit or stand up straight to execute this movement. In case, you plan to sit, just hold the dumbbell over your head and then gradually lower it, while keeping your elbows stable. If you are a beginner, then start with 4-5 reps, then in time you can increase the number of reps for better results.

2. Arm Slide On Wall

Arm slide on wall is one of the simplest yet most powerful exercise for increasing the strength of your upper back area and improving the mobility of your shoulders. Moreover, you do not require any gym equipment to perform this exercise. It can be easily done at the comfort of your home. Select an empty wall wide enough to stretch your arms against it. Stand straight with your back against the wall and your arms stretched halfway to your side. Then raise both your arms in order to bring them close to your head and ensure that your arms stay against the wall. Repetition of this movement for 20 minutes on a daily basis can do a great deal of good to your upper back area.

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3. Lat Pullover

Another brilliant exercise that aims the muscles in the upper back area is lat pullover. Easy to perform and highly powerful, this upper-back exercise can significantly improve your posture and also strengthen the muscles in that area. To execute this movement properly, lie down on your back and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands stretched out in front of your chest. Then slowly lower your hands in a way that they are over your head. While doing this, ensure that your body stays stable on the floor. If you are a beginner, you can start with one dumbbell instead of two. Also, for speedy results, you can perform this exercise twice in a day.

4. The Corkscrew Exercise

The super incredible corkscrew exercise is one of the best exercises for strengthening and sculpting your upper back. The entire movement targets the upper back area and releases tension from the nape and neck area. This works wonders for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. To execute this movement, lie down on your back on an exercising mat. Raise your legs in the air by keeping them close together. Then move your legs once to the right and then to the left. Within a few seconds of performing this exercise, you will feel the heat around your upper back and hip area. Do this exercise for 15-20 minutes for getting well sculpted upper back.

5. Pullups

This is one powerhouse exercise that can wonderfully benefit your upper back and shoulder area. This exercise can be performed at home or at the gym. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended to start this exercise in presence of a professional trainer at the gym, to get the technique right. Pulling up your body with the help of your hands is one of the best ways of strengthening the back and shoulders, especially the upper back area. Start with 3-4 reps and then gradually raise the number of reps for great results. Within a few weeks you will be able to see well-toned and flaunt-worthy upper back.

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6. Arm Circles

The last upper back strengthening exercise on the list is the super effective arm circles. It might seem like a simple exercise, but this movement targets all the upper back muscles. From busting fat in that area to strengthening it, this exercise can work wonders on your upper back. So, stand straight with your knees slightly bent. Then stretch your arms to each side, keeping them parallel to the floor. Then move them in clockwise movement for a total of 20-25 times. Then repeat the same process in an anti-clockwise direction for the same number of times. Perform this exercise any time during the day to release tension in the upper back area.

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