6 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Smell From Hair

The one thing what makes you feel very embarrassed while interacting with someone would be smelly hair. Unpleasant or foul odor which comes from hair creates a lot discomfort. There are many reasons that contribute to smell for the hair. Poor hygiene, excess production of oil, extreme sweating, bacterial or fungal infection are the reasons which contribute to smelly hair. Oily scalp people are highly prone to this problem. Need not to worry anymore about this issue as there are lots of tips which prevent this problem.

In This Article, We Have Shortlisted Some Great Tips Which Work Wonder In This Regard:

1. Lavender Oil

The antifungal and antiseptic properties that are present in lavender oil work greatly in reducing inflammation and the itching of the scalp. Firstly shampoo your hair with sulfate free shampoo and pat dry it. Then, apply some drops of lavender oil to your hair. This method is highly effective in offering pleasing smell to your hair.

Lavender Oil

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is fully packed with astringent properties which are highly capable of driving away the foul smell of the hair. Lemon juice is highly potential in reducing the infections that are caused by bacteria. It also minimizes the dandruff. Thus, lemon juice works greatly in giving your hair fresh smell and shiny look. After taking head bath using your regular shampoo, apply some amount of fresh juice of lemon on your hair.

Lemon Juice

3. Baking Soda

The one ingredient that is fully loaded with cosmetic properties and work magically in giving relief from foul smell of hair is baking soda. Baking soda normalizes the oil secretion of the scalp. For this, firstly wet your hair. Add little amount of baking soda to some water. Apply this paste on the hair and leave it for some time preferably 10 minutes. Then wash your hair with water. Follow this process once in a week to get rid of bad smell.

Baking Soda

4. Tomato

Tomatoes are considered as a wonderful cleanser which effectively works naturally. The nature of tomato which is acidic works extremely well in balancing pH levels in the scalp. In such a way, tomato eliminates the unpleasant smell that is coming from your hair. Crush one tomato and extract juice from it. Massage your hair with that tomato juice for some time. Leave it for some time. Then, wash your hair using mild shampoo. This process should be followed at least twice a week.


5. Margosa Oil

Margosa oil which is fully loaded with antiseptic works extremely well in eliminating smell from hair. The antiseptic properties of margosa oil are very effective in eliminating and preventing its coming back. Scalp infections also can be kept at bay with the help of margosa oil. Take some drops of margosa oil and massage the hair for half an hour. Next day, wash your hair using regular shampoo.

Margosa Oil

6. Orange Peels

Orange Peels play a pivotal role in giving you relief from bad smell that comes from your hair. The peels are very effective in removing oil which is excessive and produced by the scalp. Dandruff which is one of the reasons for smelly hair can be kept at bay with the usage of orange peels. For this, firstly remove the skin of an orange and place them in a small bowl. Add little amount of apple cider vinegar to that bowl. Keep aside this bowl for two weeks. Separate the peels from mixture and keep safely in your fridge. This mixture can be used as a regular spray for your hair. This mixture is very effective in giving you nicer smell.

Orange Peels