6 Effective Remedies To Take Care Of Your Hair During Monsoons

After hot summer months, as first rain touches the earth, we feel so happy and excited. Not just children, even we adults run out to get drenched in the rain. Although it is believed that rain water is purest form of soft water that can’t damage our hair, but still we see, our hair becomes weak and hair fall becomes a common complaint after a rain drench. Actually, hair problem becomes more common during monsoon seasons because these days, rain water is usually dirty and acidic. The excess humidity in the air, dirty rain water and pollutants takes a toll on your hair when you are caught in the rain and causes major hair woes. When your hair remains wet for long, it weakens your hair root. When you tied up your wet hair, it gets frizzy and knotted. Wet frizzy hair further leads to hair fall. Here are some effective remedies to keep hair and scalp damage-free during rainy season. Clean your hair thoroughly if you get wet accidentally in the rain.

Below Are The 6 Effective Remedies To Take Care Of Your Hair During Monsoons:

1. Thorough Cleaning Of Your Hair

Shampoo your hair immediately, once you are exposed to rain because rain water left on your scalp for longer can make your hair susceptible to fungal and bacterial infection and cause dandruff and itchy scalp and hair fall. Keeping the hair clean will help you to keep it tangle-free and healthy during rainy season. Once back home, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This will help to cleanse your hair and get rid of pollutants and toxins that accumulate in your hair through rain water and keep it frizz free. Damp humid weather condition excretes lot of sweat which attracts lot of dirt and grime which results in hair woes like dandruff, hair fall and hair thinning etc.

Thorough Cleaning Of Your Hair

2. Use Conditioner

After shampooing, conditioning your hair is a must because toxins, dirt and pollutants and rise in humidity level makes your hair life-less and frizzy a lot. To make sure your hair is well conditioned, use a conditioner that has been especially formulated for taming frizz. You can also use homemade conditioner made with ingredients like honey, yogurt and eggs to restore the shine and health of your hair. Proper hair care will help to repair the damage caused by humid weather.

Use Conditioner

3. After Cleaning, Allow Hair To Dry

We usually lose more strands when our hair is wet. The humid condition increases the chances of breeding of bacteria in your scalp. Keeping the hair dry will help to keep the scalp and hair healthy and prevent dandruff, scalp infection and excessive hair loss. But drying hair seems bit difficult due to excess humidity in the air. But you must try to dry your hair as quickly as possible. After washing your hair, dry your hair gently using a towel and allow it to air dry. If you don’t have time to dry your hair naturally, use blow dryer from a distance. Use lowest heat setting or heat protective spray to save your hair. Excess heat can damage your hair.

After Cleaning, Allow Hair To Dry

4. Refrain From Using Hair Styling Products

Stay away from using hair styling products. These products are mostly chemical based which makes your hair excessively greasy and oily and attracts even more dirt and moisture due to humidity. If rain water gets trapped in the scalp and hair, the product build up on your hair can cause infection, itchy scalp and dandruff.

Refrain From Using Hair Styling Products

5. Oil Massage

Due to dampness in the air, your hair becomes more susceptible to breakage and infection and also becomes dull and lifeless. So, give your hair strands a nice boost by massaging the hair and scalp with a vitamin E enriched hair oil like olive, almond or jojoba oil. A massage with hot coconut oil will be even better to boost circulation, revitalize and hydrate the dry lifeless hair and scalp and save your hair from falling.

Oil Massage

6. Avoid Hair Styling

During rainy season hair tends to take time to dry. Tying up your hair tight or braiding or styling them will dampen your hair more due to humidity. Humid weather makes hair frizzy and lifeless and makes them even more susceptible to breakage. And since rain is quite unpredictable during this season, after getting drenched in the rain, the dirty rain water will get trapped in your hair and damage your hair all the more. So keep it simple. Keep your hair loose instead of braiding. Try a loose side pony or loose bun so that it gets dried easily. Do not tie wet hair. Keeping hair short and trimmed during monsoon is a good way to clean and protect your hair from getting damaged.

Avoid Hair Styling

7. Protect Your Hair From Rain Drench

Make sure to carry umbrella, waterproof jacket and rain coats with hoodie when you step out of your home even it is sunny. Because weather in this season changes suddenly.

Protect Your Hair From Rain Drench

Above mentioned remedies will help you to save your hair from getting damaged during monsoon season.