6 Fashionable Jacket Styles That Are Wardrobe Staples

There are so many different kinds of jacket styles available these days that you are spoilt for choices. There are some jackets that cater to formal occasions and then there are some, which are more seasonal like the classic trench coat. But on the whole, jackets are not really season restricted because you can make them versatile and use it depending on your body shape, weather, occasion and of course as per your style statement.

Here Are The 6 Fashionable Jacket Styles That Are Wardrobe Staples:

1. Trench Coats

These are more suited for the winter months because as the name suggests, they are much longer in stride and hence tend to be warmer. You can pick trench coats that are thick but not really big or burly so that you can wear them through the autumn months or also or during the transitional weather too. This is one jacket that style that is not only protective but also adds to your fashion quotient.

Trench Coats

2. Leather Jacket

This is a jacket type that can be taken to extremes depending on your taste. If you want something rock chic then pick something that is studded with a bit of fringes or even with a little twist or other shapes. The jacket usually works in shorter styles because it is more appropriate and lighter too. But if you want you can go for a longer one too. Something in classic black, red or even brown really works well here.

Leather Jacket

3. Suede Jackets

This is one of the most comfforbtale kind of jacket style that you can ask for. It is a jacket style that is comfortable and yet a big snug. Another advantage with the suede jackets is that you can go for a look that is quite similar to the classic trench, but much shorter in length with a belt. There are also alternatives here that you can use like a zipper or button down type of suede jacket that is wearable to work too.

Suede Jackets

4. Denim Jackets

Perhaps one of the friendliest and coolest of all jacket types is the denim jacket. It is versatile, wearable in the summer and you can never really have enough of these. For instance, if you want something that is really apt for the humid season or warmer months, you can pick a jeans jacket that is sleeveless or even with shorter sleeves. It can be worn over dresses, shirts or even a casual tee. Then there are the fuller denim jackets that are ideal for the lighter winter months. You can get them in the classic blue colours or even other choices.

Denim Jackets

5. Linen Jacket

The linen jacket is another versatile style that is perfect for all year wear. You can get linen jackets in shrug styles or even in a long simplistic classic coat. It becomes more formal or casual depending on the kind of outfit you wear it with. Pick white, beige or even nude colours for the summer months. Additionally, linen crushes faster so pick something that is a little lose on the body.

Linen Jacket

6. Printed Jackets

A hot trend this season is the printed jacket, which again can be picked depending on your choice. Think floral or stripes or even abstract prints. You can go for fabrics like fleece or quilted patterns that are a rage. The best part is that the jackets come in a variety of shapes and patterns to suit your needs all year round.

Printed Jackets