6 Foundation For Oily Skin Available In The Market

We have different types of the skin and each type of skin needs some extra care, if you have the oily skin, then you need to choose cosmetic products cautiously as all the make up vanishes in hours and your face will look like full of oil, sometime improper products creates problems to the skin, foundation is the base make up, that removes the patches and uneven skin tone and then we apply the makeup on it, so we need to choose the foundation carefully if we have oily skin, here are some of the foundation available in the market and you can choose among them.

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1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Revlon is known to be the best for its make up products, this foundation is especially for the oily skin and you should definitely try this if you have the oily skin, it will cover all the pores of the skin, scars and it absorbs oil without giving any oil patches on the skin, it gives you the matte finish look and it lasts for about the 8 hours with cracking into fine lines, so if you are a working girl then you can go with it, if you have applied this foundation, then you will not have any oil or grease on the skin.

2. Maybelline Matte Fit Met

Maybelline is a trusted brand in the cosmetic market. It is best known for its lipstick, but this foundation is good for the oily skin, if you have applied this make up, then the powder form in it, soaks the oil and grease of the skin easily and gives you oily free look, it also covers the patches and gives you smooth texture, although it is not easy to handy, but it will give you everlasting foundation throughout the day, it is better to wash your face with oil free face wash before applying foundation.

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3. L’Oréal Liquid Foundation

This this the unique foundation as it comes in the pure liquid forms and the impact on the skin is like a powder and it absorbs the oil from the skin, it is light in weight, as you applied it, it will soak the oil and create a base for your foundation and you will get a matte look and there will not be any lines on the skin, even after the 6 hours of regular use, it is best for the working women and as you applied the make up on it, you make up will glow and you will have even skin tone.

4. L’Oréal Infallible Foundation

This foundation is only for the oily skin, a little amount of the foundation covers the whole face and you will get the matte look through out the day, it lasts for about 24 hours, so if you are out from the home for a day or you are travelling then you can apply this, if covers the small pores on the skin easily and powder of it absorbs the oil easily, the make up on it gives you extra shine and it is easy to remove also, this is best for if your are going for the photoshoot.

5. Mac Studio Powder Foundation

This is the combination of the powder and the foundation, the best thing of this product is that it comes with the mirror, so if you are travelling then you can apply it easily, first we need to clean our face with the good oil free face wash and then you need to apply the powder form first, as the powder soaks the oil, then apply the foundation on it, the finishing of the product is pretty awesome and you will get a double foundation for about the 8 hours, so if you are planning for a photoshoot, then your face will shine like a star and powder form will soak all the oil that comes out from the skin.

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6. CoverGirl Stay Fabulous Foundation

CoverGirl is quite expensive brand of the beauty products, but when you use its products you will love them, they are totally natural without any side effects on any types of the skin, oily skin needs some extra care as it captures dirt easily and pimples occurs, that waste the make up, you should try this foundation, you can use your fingers to apply this and you will get flawless foundation to apply the make up on it, the bottle looks so good, it is light in weight, it lasts for about the 10 hours and best for the photoshoot in the day with the humid atmosphere, it easily soaks the oil of the skin.

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