6 Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Finger Joints

ark finger joints are one of the usual skin issues. It is quite similar with the dark elbows. Mainly, dead cells gather on the skin which causes dark spots which is tough to clear. It occurs due to hyper pigmentation or sun burn or not taking enough care. This darkness looks worse if your skin is fair. It is better to try some specific products which don’t have any side effects or use only natural remedies.If you start taking care of the fingers then soon your finger joints will come in the natural body colour. We are here to guide you with plenty of home remedies that can be easier to use and efficiently remove the darkness.

Here Are The 6 Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Finger Joints:

1. Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliation is necessary for the skin. It eliminates all the dead cells from the skin and keeps it clean. Daily exfoliates your fingers when you will take the shower. Use some good quality shower scrub to make the skin clear. Apply moisturiser after your hands get dry. This is called the exfoliation process and it is necessary for skin.

2. Lemon And Sugar

Lemon has the citric acid and sugar granules can act as the scrubber. Mix some lemon juice with sugar and apply it on your finger joints. Slowly rub the joints with this mixture for about 5 to 10 minutes. This mixture will take time but it will remove the dark patches in the finger joints.

3. Milk Cream And Turmeric

This tip comes from the grandmother’s own tricks and tips. The milk cream and turmeric mixture will do the magic like it removes tan from the face. Milk cream and turmeric both are useful for the lightening the darkness. Mix one teaspoon of milk cream and half teaspoon of turmeric powder with two to three drops of almond oil. Mix well and apply it on the joints of the fingers. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. Do this process for thrice a week for best result.

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4. Olive Oil And Sugar

Make another scrubber to lighten the knucklesof the fingers. This is a hydrating scrub which takes out the darkness from the finger knuckles and strengthening the nails. Take 5 teaspoons of olive oil and two teaspoons of sugar. Mix it well and rub the fingers with it. Leave for five minutes and then wash. Apply some good moisturiser on the fingers.

5. Almond And Yogurt

The mixture of almond and yogurt is a very effective moisturiser which can lighten the darkness of the finger joints. Before using this natural moisturiser use natural scrubber to clean the finger joints and then apply this moisturiser for best result. Make a smooth paste of two almonds and mix with one tablespoon of fresh yogurt. Mix it well and apply it on the joints of the fingers, rub it and leave it for ten more minutes. After ten minutes wash your hands and dry it.

6. Honey And Lemon Juice

This is another nice solution for lightening the dark joints of the fingers. Take one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice make a solution and rub it on the finger joints. Use it daily for quick action. You will see the result within a few weeks. This solution will also moisturise your hands skin. Lemon has the acid and honey has a moisturising effect

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