6 Hot Oil Massage Recipes To Stop Hair Fall

Hot oil massages are used since eras for long shiny and lustrous hair. Traditionally long and shiny hair are considered as the most beautiful and attractive element of a woman. Who would not like those awesome and voluminous attractive tresses? However due to the hectic and stressful lifestyle of today, hairfall and poor hair health are very common. This results into extreme damage and hairfall. Ladies nowadays do not have much time for oiling the hair and thus face the problem of hair fall. Hairfall can reduce the volume of hair making them appear thin and lifeless. If you too are facing the same problem of hair fall and hair damage, you can try some amazing solutions like hot oil massage. This is the ultimate solution which can get you rid of immense hairfall and gives you beautiful and shiny hair.

Below Are The 6 Hot Oil Massage Recipes To Stop Hair Fall:

1. Jojoba Oil With Curry Leaves

Jojoba oil too is nutritional and mineral based oil which would provide strength to your hair and strengthen the roots of your hair. You can try the hot oil massage f this oil and can get rid of the hair damage and hair loss. Get some curry leaves and crush them. Create a paste and mix it with jojoba oil. Now get this oil heated mildly and after it gets luke warm, massage this oil on your entire scalp. This oil massage would relax you and give you lustrous hair soon.


2. Argan Oil And Almond Oil

Argan oil and almond oil are used traditionally for getting thick and soft hair. These oils are rich with nutrients and minerals which would provide moisture, nourishment and strength to your hair. Mix these oils in equal quantities and massage it in the hair while heating it. Regular usage of this oil massage therapy would help you in getting stronger and shiny hair soon.


3. Rosemary And Castor Oil

Castor oil is rich in proteins and vitamins which help in promoting hair growth. Also the rosemary oil is used to nourish and enhance the hair look. Mix these oils and massage them in the scalp. A mild massage twice a week would get you extremely stunning and voluminous hair soon and you would love the shiny and glittery change in your hair.


4. Olive Oil With Lemon

Olive oil is extremely beneficial for the hair. It makes the hair smooth and strong. It works for roots to tips and provides immensely strong and healthy hair. Add few drops of lemon juice in olive oil. Massage this oil on your hair and get the results in a very short time. It will make your hair shiny and strong and would remove all the damage.


5. Lavender Oil With Olive Oil

Lavender oil is rich with nutrition and minerals which provides smoothness and life to your hair. Adding olive oil with Lavender oil will help in repairing all the damages. Mix both the oil and massage gently on the roots. Massages are generally used to remove damage and to provide strength to the hair. The beautiful texture it provides to your hair and the immensely lingering fragrance of this oil would make you fall in love with your hair.


6. Warm Coconut Oil  With Lemon Drops

Coconut oil is extremely rich and filled with all the natural nutrients which provide strength and nourishment to the hair. The coconut oil promotes hair growth and provides strength and volume to the hair. Thus the amazing coconut oil helps in getting beautiful and attractive hair so you can try the hot oil massage using coconut oil. Take some coconut oil and heat it. Add few drops of lemon. Massage it gently on the scalp. Let the oil get absorbed and work on your scalp. This massage would provide you smooth, long and shiny hair and reduce hairfall and damage.