6 Lifting Exercises For Women

Well, smart and cool women look liveliest and brilliant when they have, sexy, feminine and slim toned muscles. They look more confident and can represent women power as well. Want to be a strong, healthy, strong, and bold and feel 5 years younger?

Here Are 6 Lifting Exercises For Women To Get Curvy Body:

1. Plank And Rotate

At first rest your body in a plank position. To perform this exercise, you need five- to seven pound dumbbells. Now hold the dumbbells in both the hands. Keep your wrists rigid and stiff to protect your joints. Expand your feet slightly wider than the distance of your hip. Now lift your right hand towards the ceiling, winding through your complete torso. Bring your right hand towards the floor, and repeat this workout with your left hand by changing the side to complete the exercise. Do it for 10 to 12 times to complete the set.

Plank and Rotate

2. Biceps Hammer Twist

If you want to carry your stuffs easily and safely, do this work out for strong muscles. Stand on a flat surface and hold seven to ten pound dumbbells at both the side. Stand with a tall and long spine. Now lift the dumbbells up towards your torso by bending your elbows and, and keep your palm in such a way that they face each other. Lift the weights up so that they can touch the shoulders. Stay is this position for 3 seconds for muscle contraction in the upper arms. Now come back to the previous position slowly and repeat the same for 10- 15 times.

Biceps Hammer Twist

3. Weight Pullover

The main target of this workout is the triceps muscles. Here is the process to perform this exercise. First of all lie down on the ground, bending your knees and keep your legs flat on the surface. Hold a 15 pound weight (dumbbell) vertically so that when you will spread your hands, one end of the dumbbell will face downwards. Pull the dumbbell from the floor, keeping your hands extended, and draw an arc over the body until the weight is above your torso. Now pull the dumbbell towards the ground by drawing the arc. Repeat the exercise again for ten to fifteen times without leaving the weight fully.

Weight Pullover

4. Chest Fly With Weights

Rest your body on a flat surface, keeping your knees twisted at 90 degrees and your legs flat. Hold five to ten pound dumbbells over your torso and keep your palms opposite to each other. With a very slight twist at your elbows, Spread both the arms outside and away from each other till the upper arms touch the ground but avoid the connection between your wrist and the floor. Bring the weights back to the position from where you have started by muscle contraction in the chest. Repeat the exercise for ten times.

Chest Fly with weights

5. Stiff- Legged Deadlift

Stand up on a flat surface, keeping your body straight. Take a weight such as a dumbbell in both the hands, and keep the face of your palms downwards (towards the leg). Bend the upper part of your body and slowly pull the weight downwards until the dumbbells touch the ground. Now slowly raise your body and the weights to the previous position, Keep your backbone straight. Do it for 10-15 times.

Stiff- legged deadlift

6. Seated Overhead Press

This weight lifting workout really works for the upper body, especially for your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells and bent the elbows. Lift the dumbbells with extended elbows and keep the arms straight, in upward direction and bring it back to its previous position and repeat the same for 10- 15 times to get the best result.

Seated Overhead Press