6 Natural Cooling Face Packs For Summer-Wrecked Skin

Summer makes the skin damaged and extremely oily. The heat of summers affects our entire body and especially our skin. Due to the extreme heat and temperature, the skin becomes tanned, extremely oily and sticky, people plan holidays and picnics during summer vacations where many forget to use the sunscreen lotions and then face the issues of sun trouble. If you too have been through picnics and have got tanned and damaged skin, here are super 6 soothing and cool face packs which would not only repair your skin faster, but also would make it beautiful and gorgeous as never before! These amazing face mask recipes include various home ingredients which are extremely soothing and calming for the skin and would never fail to fight all the summer skin problems.

Below Are The Natural Cooling Face Packs For Summer-Wrecked Skin:

1. Glycerin And Orange Face Mask

Glycerin is a wonderful ingredient which can make your skin smooth and supple as never before! Orange peel is widely used in skin care to fight tanned and patchy skin. Mix glycerin and orange peel powder and create a loose paste. Now apply this amazing mask on your entire face and neck. Let this amazing mask work on your face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This mask would get your skin rid of excess oil and patchiness soon.

2. Milk, Turmeric And Honey Mask

This is a very popular hair mask used widely in India. Not only for summer is wrecked skin but also it used for daily skin care to make the skin more flawless and beautiful. If your skin is highly damaged by the sun rays and heat, use this amazing mask and you would love the results! Mix some turmeric, milk and honey and create a stunning mask. Apply this mask o your entire face and rinse with chilled water.

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3. Cucumber And Watermelon Mask

These two extremely smoothening and soothing ingredients would heal the damage of your skin in no time! Cucumber would fight the dark spots, watermelon would heal all the skin issues and together, these amazing ingredients would remove the excess oil from your skin. Apply this beautiful paste on your skin and get extraordinary results within fewer applications.

4. Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Aloe vera gel is amazing and can make your skin beautifully hydrated. During summers, your skin can get extremely oily and thus sticky! You can apply the aloe vera gel mask on your skin for beautiful results. Apply this amazing mask on your entire face. Leave it for fewer minutes and rinse. Nothing would work so amazingly on your skin than this awesome ingredient.

5. Avocado Honey Mask

Raw avocados are stunning for skin and hair care. You can mix some crushed avocados and honey and create a thick paste. Apply this paste on your entire face and rinse with chilled water. Honey would naturally smooth en your skin while avocados would repair the skin damage and issues for summer. Try this amazing mask twice a week and get stunning results.

6. Mint And Turmeric Mask

Mint is a beautiful ingredient which can work wonders on your skin. Crush some mint leaves and mix turmeric powder. Add water to create an applicable face mask. Apply this mask and let t work on your skin for half an hour. The herbal properties of turmeric and mint would cleanse the deep damage and would get you brighter, fairer and smooth skin within fewer applications!

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