6 Natural Techniques To Remove Unwanted Belly Hair

Unwanted hair on the body is an embarrassing problem. Unwanted hair also grows on the belly region. Because of the unwanted hair in your belly region, you can’t put on some kind of dresses which are fashionable. Electrolysis and laser are few methods that offer you permanent solution from this problem. These methods are not only expensive, but also likely to result in various skin complications. Hence, it is always better to gain relief from some effective home remedies.

Here, We Are Listing Six Amazing Home Remedies For Removing Unwanted Belly Hair:

1. Raw Papaya

Papaya is loaded with plentiful skin-friendly properties. This amazing fruit works well in giving you relief from unwanted hair of your belly region too. Just take some pieces of papaya and finely mash them. You can also add pinch of turmeric powder to this paste. Finely smear this papaya and turmeric paste on your belly region. Massage gently for some time. Let this paste sit on your skin for twenty minutes. Then wash your skin using normal water.

Fresh Papaya

2. Lemon Juice And Sugar

You can easily gain relief from unwanted hair of belly region with the help of lemon juice and sugar. Take some lemon juice and mix it with some sugar. Also add little amount of water to that mixture. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth paste. Spread this mixture on the hair of your belly region. Let the pack sit on your belly region for fifteen minutes. The bleaching properties of lemon work greatly in giving you relief from unwanted hair in your belly area.

Lemon Juice And Sugar

3. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder works very effective in removing the unwanted hair. Take some turmeric powder and mix it with some milk. Mix them and spread on the unwanted hair on your belly area. Let the mask dry for some time. Once dried, you can remove the pack using tepid water. If you have very thick hair on your belly area, then you can combine milk and turmeric with some gram flour also.

Turmeric (3)

4. Cornstarch With Egg White

The combination of cornstarch and egg white works greatly in removing your unwanted hair. All you have to do is to take some amount of cornstarch and egg white in a small container. Mix them well and apply on your belly. Let the mask dry for few minutes. Then, mask must be pulled gently. You will notice some hair on it. With this powerful home remedy, you can gain relaxation from unwanted hair.

Cornstarch with Egg white

5. Olive Oil With Brown Sugar

You can also try the combination of olive oil and brown sugar for removing unwanted hair from your belly region. Take some brown sugar and add slight olive oil. Mix these ingredients very well and spread evenly on the unwanted hair on your belly. Rub this mixture on your skin in circular motion for few minutes. Apply moisturizer after removing the pack.

Olive oil with Brown Sugar

6. Chickpea Flour With Milk And Turmeric

Gram flour, also known as chick pea flour is known to be beneficial in removing and restricting the growth of unwanted hair. It is traditionally used for removing unwanted hair. You need to take half cup of chickpea flour. Also, add a half cup of milk in it. Add one teaspoon of turmeric to this pack. Mix these ingredients well to form a fine paste and apply this pack on the belly area. Leave this pack on your belly for at least thirty minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. This process is very helpful in lightening the hair growth on your belly area.

Chickpea Flour With Milk And Turmeric