6 Natural Ways To Lighten Your Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair makes women feel so unfeminine and is embarrassing and unpleasant. Though there are advanced technologies to remove facial hair, they are expensive and harmful in a way. So, the best remedy is what our ancestors followed, the natural/home remedies. Yes, the natural ways really work and help boost skin health as well. Here we have complied such effective facial hair lightening remedies using things readily available in your pantry. So why wait, continue with your read and start with what suits your skin the best right away to lighten and get rid of the unwanted facial hair.

Ways to Lighten Facial Hair Naturally

1. Turmeric

The natural antiseptic is an amazing natural color lightening agent that has been used since olden days to lighten and reduce facial hair. Mix one tablespoon turmeric powder (wild turmeric is even better) with one tablespoon milk to make a thick paste and spread it on your face. Let it dry up completely and cleanse off using tepid water. Doing this regularly will lighten and in fact reduce facial hair to a great extent.

2. Tomato

The skin friendly red fruits with distinctive flavor are a gift from nature to improve skin brightness and lighten facial hair. Take fresh ripe tomato slices and start rubbing them in circular motion on your face for 5 minutes. Let the juice stay on your face for quite some time and then wash using cold water to see immediate results. Doing this regularly will enable you lighten dark facial hair to your preferred level of lightness.

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3. Lemon

The acidic nature of the wonderful greenish-yellow fruits makes them the most popular natural bleach for facial hair. Mix up two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with one tablespoon organic honey and spread it on your face. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes and sponge down using lukewarm water. This will give you a mild bleach effect and repeated use of the same will lighten dark facial hair to a significant level.

4. Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is an age old cosmetic product known for its skin brightening and lightening properties. It has been used as an effective treatment for removing and lightening unwanted facial hair as well. Combine two tablespoons of gram flour with one tablespoon sandalwood powder, one tablespoon mustard oil, a little milk cream and some rose water. Add half tablespoon turmeric if required. Mix all the ingredients to make a paste and smear it on your face. Let the paste dry completely before washing. Scrub gently in the direction opposite to that of facial hair growth while washing to easily remove those off. Wash using cold water and pat dry. Do this once a week for best result.

5. Papaya

The wonder fruit is natural bleach that has been used in spa treatments. It not only lightens facial hair but also nourishes the skin and makes it look fresh and youthful. Add one tablespoon raw milk to 4 tablespoons papaya pulp and apply it on your face. Massage gently for 15 minutes and leave the juice on your face for some time before rinsing. Do this once a week for significant results.

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6. Radish

Radish is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and hence a wonderful veggie that you need to incorporate in your diet. It also works as a natural bleach. Peel and grind the radish and add the juice of ½ lemon. Apply this mixture on the facial hair and wash after 15 – 20 minutes. If you are allergic to lemon juice then use only the radish juice.

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