6 Natural Ways To Remove Hair From Stomach Permanently

Belly or stomach hair is extremely irritating and unwanted. Especially when we are looking forward for some event and want to wear clothes flaunting the belly button, the stomach hair causes huge uneasiness. If you do not want to go with the harsh waxing techniques or the laser and such other treatments for permanent hair removal, here we provide some natural remedies to remove the hair permanently from your stomach. Try these amazing remedies and get a beautiful, hair free and attractive belly naturally.

Below Are The 6 Natural Ways To Remove Hair From Stomach Permanently:

1. Raw Papaya Treatment

Papayas can be used to stop and wrap up the hair growth. Papayas have the capabilities to stop the hair growth and provide a hair free stomach. You can mix several ingredients and can make a shaving mask which would gradually remove all the hair from your stomach permanently. Grind the raw papaya and mix it with milk and a pinch of turmeric. Not apply this paste on the stomach. Apply it in the direction opposite to your hair growth just like the waxing. Let this paste get completely dry. Now remove the dry paste while rubbing your stomach with hands. You would soon get rid of the stomach hair with regular use of this remedy.

2. Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is a natural ingredient traditionally used for skin, hair and health care. Also it has skin whitening and brightening properties. Along with this, turmeric powder is great for hair removal too. It works miraculously on the thin and small hair of the stomach. Take some turmeric and mix milk and a bit honey. Now apply this paste on your belly and let it get dry completely. Once it gets dry, rub the belly with your hands and rinse the turmeric paste off. You can completely rinse t off by bathing with warm water. Ladies swear on this remedy and the amazing results it gives to remove the unwanted belly hair permanently.

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3. Sugar Lemon Honey

Sugar lemon scrubs are usually used for dry skin care. This amazing mixture provides nourishment to the skin and brightens the skin. However, you can use this amazing natural wax for removing the belly hair. Sugar is a stick agent which would stick to your tine hair and remove the hair while lemon helps in removing the hair from roots. Prepare a sugar lemon scrub by mixing some lemon juice and honey into sugar. Now apply this paste in the opposite direction of your hair growth and just like waxing process, with a waxing strip, pull the hair out. This would give you amazing hair free stomach forever.

4. Chick Pea Flour

This home remedy is the best and widely effective remedy for natural hair removal. This remedy would not only provide hair free skin but would also smoothen and soften the skin with nourishment. For this natural hair removal method, mix chick peas flour into milk and a pinch of turmeric. Now apply this paste on the belly. You can rub and remove it or either you can wash it off with luke warm water. This remedy would work wonders on your belly by removing all the unwanted hair.

5. Egg Mask

Eggs are also sticky and works wonderfully on the belly hair just like sugar. You can use eggs regularly for getting rid of the stomach hair permanently. Extract some egg white and mix some sugar and corn flour and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste over the belly and let it get completely get dry. Now rinse with hot water. This would get your belly free from those unwanted hair.

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6. Banana-Oatmeal Remedy

Wondering if bananas can help in getting your hair free? Surely. Bananas are sticky and used for removing the hair from deep roots while oatmeal is a natural scrubbing agent which would help in getting the hair out from the roots. Mix the bananas and oatmeal crush and apply it on the belly. After getting it dry, remove with warm water. The regular use of this natural ingredients will soon get you rid if the unwanted hair permanently.

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