6 Overnight Face Masks For Flawless Skin

Women give a lot of importance to apply face masks for enhancing the glow and radiance of their skin. But you should note here that if the face mask is removed after a bit of time, it may not give you beneficial results. Therefore, a night face mask is far better than a day face mask. Night face mask acts as an ultimate moisturizer and thus it protects your skin from various kinds of damages. In fact, it takes an extra care and nourishes your skin. You can enjoy glowing and beautiful skin through the application of homemade night face masks. In this article, we are providing some amazing homemade night face masks for you.

Here Are The 6 Overnight Face Masks For Flawless Skin:

1. Milk Cream With Lemon

Milk cream which consists of fatty acids penetrates into your skin and moisturizes deeply. Lemon juice helps to lighten your skin. Overall, this combination helps to reduce the acne marks from your skin.


1 Teaspoon Milk Cream
¼ Teaspoon Lemon Juice

Milk Cream with Lemon

Preparation and Application Method:

Take milk cream and add it to the lemon juice. Mix them well. Remove any make up from your skin. Then apply this face mask before your bed time. Leave this mask for the whole night and rinse off it the following morning. This face mask suits well for the people with dry skin and normal skin type.

2. Honey With Oats

The combination of honey and oats is very effective in removing dryness from your skin and hydrating it. In fact, this face mask acts as a natural cleanser and rejuvenates your skin. Honey and oats when applied protects your skin.


2 Teaspoons Honey
2 Teaspoons Oats

Honey with Oats

Preparation And Application Method:

Firstly mix oats with honey in a small bowl. Keep this mixture aside for some time in order to make them soft. After that, finely mash them. Mix them well. Then apply this mask on your neck and face before your bed time. Let the mask sit on your skin for the whole night. This face mask is very effective in hydrating and repairing your skin when you sleep. This mask can be used by the people with all skin types.

3. Honey With Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which slow down the aging process. Tomato brightens your complex. Honey with its antibacterial properties keeps acne at bay. Finally, this combination works wonderfully in lightening your skin.


1 Teaspoon Honey
1 Teaspoon Tomato Juice

Honey with Tomato

Preparation And Application Method:

Take a small bowl and mix tomato juice with honey in it. Take out any make up from your skin. Then apply this night face mask on your neck and face. Massage your skin in circular motions with your finger tips for some time. Next morning remove this mask from your skin with the help of warm water.

4. Strawberry With Raw Milk

This face mask is very effective and comes to your rescue when your skin gets damaged with the harmful rays of sun. Strawberries are masked with vitamin C and folic acid which improve the production of new skin’s cells. Raw milk acts as a fantastic skin toner and thus it offers a radiant skin.


2 Strawberries
1 Tablespoon Raw Milk

Strawberry with Raw milk

Preparation And Application Method:

Firstly mash the strawberries in a container. Then, add raw milk to it. Mix them thoroughly. Cleanse your skin very well. Then, apply this mask evenly on your skin. Wash your skin using tepid water in the morning to remove the mask. This face mask offers you glowing and radiant skin.

5. Turmeric With Gram Flour

Turmeric is very effective in cleansing your skin. It eliminates the dead cells from your skin and nourishes it. Gram flour drives away the sun tan, dark patches through eliminating excess oil from your skin. Overall, turmeric and gram flour keep pimples at bay. This mask consists of raw milk which consists of abundant beauty benefits.


1 tablespoon Turmeric
1 Tablespoon Gram Flour
1 Tablespoon Raw Milk

Turmeric with Gram Flour

Preparation And Application Method:

Mix turmeric, gram flour and raw milk in a container. Mix these ingredients very well in order to get a soft paste. Then apply this homemade night face mask on your skin. Wash your skin well using tepid water in the morning. After that, pat dry your skin. This process is highly effective in offering you acne free skin.

6. Potato Pulp With Lemon Juice

The combination of potato pulp and lemon juice nourishes your skin. This face mask destroys premature age spots, brightens your skin and keeps acne scars at bay. So, you can gain youthful and flawless skin with the help of this face mask.


1 Potato Pulp
1 Lemon

Potato pulp with Lemon Juice

Preparation And Application Method:

Initially, squeeze the juice from half lemon in a container. Then, add potato pulp with it and mix it well. Apply this mask to your cleaned neck and face. Leave this mask for the whole night and then rinse off in the morning using tepid water. This face mask especially suits to oily skin type.