6 Pilate Workouts For Women To Be In Shape

In case you are under the notion that pilates are just another kind of simple workout regime and which does not involve sweat or workout, you might just need to rethink on this notion! With the advent of time has come a new kind of advance pilate workouts called he POP Pilates which not only help one sweat it out but also helps sculpt your body too! Thus, here we are with some of the best pilate workouts for women to keep them in shape.

Below Are The 6 Pilate Workouts For Women To Be In Shape:

1. The Wiggle

This one works perfectly at the oblique and to do this you would need to put your hands to the nape of your head with elbows wide apart and then bring the toes together so that the knees are wide apart. The next step is to take the Pilates stance and the eyes looking ahead. The last step is yobring the right elbow to the right knees and the same with the left one.


2. The Squatting Rollover

This exercise is great for working on the glute, core as well as on the quads and to practice this one you would first need to lie down on the floor and press both the heels and the palms on the floor and then point the toes and then lift the legs above the head. Beginners can however use their hands to lift their legs at the back.


3. The Burpee Kick

This Pilate workout works on the entire body and helps in cardio as well and to do this you would need to stand at the edge of a mat and perform a Burpee which is nothing but a jump after which you need to come on to a plank and as you land you need to do a push up and then jump to the feet as fast as possible. The final step is to kick forcefully with the right and then the left leg.


4. The Runaway Abs

This one works on the core muscles and to do this you would need to lie and keep the hands by the sides of the head and lift up like a boat and then start off fluttering your legs yo and down.


5. The Leg Out

This Pilate exercise works on the quads and on the lower abs region and to do this you would need to bring your hands in a clasped pose and then balance your tailbone with knees together and feet off the mat. The next step is to push the legs outward and exhale, while inhaling, you need to bring your knees back at the fore.


6. The Saddlebag Shaver

This one works best on the outer thigh regions, chest and onto the chest regions and is perhaps one of the best of the Pilate workouts ever. To do this you would first need to put your chest down on a mat and put your hands on your shoulders while the elbows are placed into the rib cage and while the right leg is extended on the mat and the left knee is bent on the mat. The next step is to exhale and extend the arms until they are in a straight line whilst bringing the right knee into the right elbow. The trick is to inhale and return to the starting position once again.


Along with the above mentioned exercises you need to take care of your diet as well to attain beautiful and healthy body.