6 Seated Yoga Postures That Has Wonderful Effects On Your Overall Health

If you have been thinking that yoga postures that twist the spine, turn your body, stretch your extremities and complex to perform are the only postures that will help you stay fit and in good physical shape, then you are absolutely wrong. Even the seated yoga postures have the same effect of complex ones. Suited more for beginners with reduced risks of falling down and greater effect on improving flexibility and energy levels, the seated postures have wonderful effects on overall health. If you are still wondering how this is possible, try out the postures mentioned below and learn the wonders they do to your body as well as mind.

Seated Yoga Poses That Will Work Wonders on Your Health:

1. Lotus Position

Padmasana or the lotus pose might be a bit difficult to accomplish in the beginning, but with practice, it is such a simple pose that is suitable for beginners. One can do this asana any time, before or after meals too. From stretching the ankles and knees to relaxing the mind, improving digestion, reducing muscular tension to improving energy levels, the asana is highly beneficial to the body. In women, the asana is believed to ease menstrual problems.

2. Cobbler Pose

The seated asana which is similar to butterflies fluttering their wings is yet another simple asana that beginners should definitely try. Being a complete workout for the lower body, the asana stimulates the abdominal organs, bladder and the kidneys. It stretches the hips, knees groin and thighs and improves flexibility. Along with enhancing the functions of reproductive organs, it helps alleviate menstrual problems and sciatica. This is also a great stress reliever and blood pressure regulator.

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3. Seated Forward Bend

The seated frontward bend is a challenging posture to achieve for beginners, but the health benefits of practicing the asana will definitely drive you to try and accomplish the posture. The asana is a wonderful workout for getting a flat tummy and flexible body. It improves spine flexibility and relieves back ache if any. Apart from being a natural cure for stomach related problems and menstrual cramps, the asana is excellent remedy for stress, anxiety, mild depression and irritability. Regular practice of the asana is said to prevent diabetes, infertility and obesity.

4. Child Pose

The restful pose resembling a child’s resting pose is a simple asana for beginners that calms the body and mind and rejuvenates it. From relieving tension in the muscles of the upper body and lower body, the asana massages the internal abdominal organs and stretches the spine. It is an excellent relief for neck and back pain. It encourages deep breathing, promotes positive feeling and wards off stress, anxiety and any other ill feeling.

5. Pigeon Pose

A variation of the pigeon-pose, the half pigeon poses or ardha kapotasana, is a great hip opening posture for beginners. In case, a person is battling infertility problem, this asana would be very helpful. In addition to stretching the legs, groin and chest and neck muscles, the asana stimulates the abdominal organs and reproductive system. It opens up the pelvis and stretches the hip flexors. It improves posture, cures back pain, reduces stiffness and calms the mind.

6. Staff Posture

Dandasana or staff pose teaches helps you maintain correct posture. By practicing this posture regularly, your pelvis and hips becomes more flexible. Also, it strengthens your lower back muscles, improves postural alignment, avoids hip injuries and stretches your spine. While performing staff posture, your lower body should be grounded and the upper portion should be erect.

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