6 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Bra Fat

Women of almost all shapes and sizes experience bra fat and nowadays, a common question that trainers are being asked is ways to do away with that bra bulge. If you are one looking to tone your back and eliminate that extra flab under your armpits and those on your upper back, here are some simple exercises you can do at home to get a more defined look.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Bra Fat

1. Upright Rows

Stand straight with feet hip width apart and dumbbells in both your hands. Rest the dumbbells on your thighs and hold them firm with slightly bent elbows. Raise your shoulders to bring the dumbbells close to your chin. The elbows should be bent and dumbbells should be held closer to your body. Ensure your elbows are higher than your forearm and elbows are used to drive the up-down motion. Bring the dumbbells back to original position and repeat the same motion for 20 counts.

2. Chicken Wings

Start with an upright position and dumbbells in both arms. Your feet should be positioned hip width apart. Bend your torso forward and bring your arms in front of your knees with wrist facing each other. Stretch your elbows outward just like birds flap their wings, stretch them out so that the elbows are higher than the shoulder level. Bring the hands back to the original position and repeat flapping. Make sure your weight is pointed towards the front while moving the dumbbells.

3. Lift Up U’s

Stand upright with feet hip width apart and dumbbells in both the arms. Lift your elbows up so that they are in line with the shoulders and rotate your wrists such that your palm is backward and knuckles are facing the ground. Flip your wrist and raise your forearm upward so that wrists are now in line with the shoulders. Slowly get back to the original position and repeat the same movement for 20 counts.

4. Lateral Pull Down

Sit straight on a chair with feet wide apart. Drape the ends of an exercising band on both arms and hold it above your head. Hold your left arm directly above your head and drop off your right arm towards the right side, say at about 45 degrees. Both elbows and wrists should be held tight. Stretch your right hand as much as possible so that the right elbow is almost straight and in line with your chest. Hold the position for 2 seconds and return to original position. Switch sides and repeat the same for 10 counts.

5. Push Ups

Lie down on the floor on your stomach with arms under your shoulders and feet hip width apart. Engage your core and back muscles and push your body off the ground. Knees should be straight. Push up until your elbows are straight. Balance your body on your palms and toes and gaze downward. Your body should be in a line from head to heel now. Return to starting position and repeat the same movement for 10 counts.

6. Rocking Plank

First, get into the push up plank position. Come forward slowly while rising your body higher on the toes. Move your shoulders and head frontward pushing past your hands. Gradually, go back to the starting position, so that the shoulders are in line with the hands again. The weight should be distributed evening between the hands and feet.