6 Super Stylish Corduroy Pants Outfits You Should Try

Corduroy pants, also known as retro-inspired pants have stood the test of time in the fashion scene. Often spotted in movies, magazine covers and prominent fashion shows, corduroy pants are favorite pants of several women for looking stylish and trendy. Ideal for formal occasions and perfect for casual outings, corduroy pants come in different colors, styles, patterns and fits. Some come in stretchable fabric while others come in really thick fabrics. That is why, these type of pants can be adorned all year round. Moreover, it can be teamed with different types of tops and shirts and tends to go well with various shoes such as heels, flats, etc.

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If you are unsure of the best ways in which you can rock corduroy pants, then today’s post is perfect for you. In today’s post we have zeroed in on a few super stylish corduroy pants outfits that are worth going for. Putting together the below stated corduroy outfits will require very little effort and time. So, give your sense of style a unique twist by trying out corduroy pants outfits and look like the most stylish fashionista no matter where you go.

Here Is A List Of The 6 Super Stylish Corduroy Pants Outfits You Should Try:

1. Corduroy Pants With Turtleneck

Undeniably, the combination of flattering corduroy pants and turtleneck makes a super stylish outfit that can be worn to all types of events. This outfit is bound to take your elegance level to new heights. Opt a pair of suede boots along with this outfit to finish the look. Also, carry trendy accessories to enhance the style appeal.

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2. Corduroy Pants With Denim Shirt

An additional stylish outfit you can try is the timeless combination of a pair of corduroy pants and denim shirt. A loose fit denim shirt can be effortlessly teamed with corduroy pants and a pair of sneakers. Either keep it buttoned or open and go for a striped top underneath or style it in whichever way pleases you.

3. Corduroy Pants With Blazer

One corduroy pants outfit that has been a true favorite of women for formal occasions is the ultimate ensemble of corduroy pants with blazer. Underneath, you can sport any kind of top and either go for bold or subtle colors. Either ways, this outfit is bound to make all heads turn towards you no matter where you go.

4. Corduroy Pants With Sweater

It is safe to say that the ensemble of corduroy pants and sweater is the ultimate cold-day outfit that will make you look super stylish. This is one of the easiest corduroy pants outfit to put together. With this chic outfit, you can either sport a pair of sneakers or just go for the old-school ankle-length boots to finish the look.

5. Corduroy Pants With Lace Top

Alternatively, sport a cute lace top with a pair of corduroy pants to look like an elegant style diva. This outfit can be adorned all year long and in case it is windy, you can always don a lose fit cardigan or light shrug with this ensemble to stay warm while looking gorgeous. Plus, don pretty earrings to finish the look.

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6. Corduroy Pants With Shirt

Finally, the last but not the least way to rock a pair of corduroy pants is by teaming it with a shirt. The style and pattern of shirt you opt for is completely up to you. Be it a buttons down shirt or a basic one, any kind of shirt will look great when donned with a pair of corduroy pants. This corduroy pants outfit can be adorned for formal events as well as for casual outings.

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