6 Trendy Japanese Footwears For You To Flaunt In Style

Are you inspired by the Japanese culture and tradition? Do you want to flaunt trendy Japanese shoes and footwear in style? If you nodded along with an excitement, then you should learn about various Japanese footwear when going for them. You can find a wide range of footwear in Japan ranging from traditional to modern. Traditional Japanese shoes feature a great variations of attractive thong sandals. From historic times, Japanese used to wear sandals in sun, show, and rain. Today, sandals have become and ideal Japanese shoe and a part and parcel of Japanese daily life. So, aren’t you curious to learn various types of Japanese shoes to make a good choice? Read on to discover all about them.

Find Below Six Amazing Japanese Shoes To Grace Your Looks:

1. Geta

One of the most popular shoes in Japan are Geta, which are actually fascinating, elevated wooden sandal having teeth present at the bottom. The main board of Geta is known as dai and the cloth present big toe and other toes is known as hanao. The height of the teeth at the bottom of these shoes vary from low to high. Most Japanese women wear them with kimono to prevent kimono from getting dragged on the floor. Geta are quite useful during rainy and snowy days.

2. Zori

Simple yet quite elegant, Zori are well-known for being one of the favorite footwear among the Japanese women. If you are looking for a casual yet stylish footwear to flaunt, go for Zori, which is a simple Japanese sandal made by using woods, silk, straw, cloth, or leather. You may also find some Zori sandals in fancy lacquered wood. Shape of this eye-catching footwear resembles with the western flip-flops. You can use Zori as formal shoes.

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3. Okobo

Okobo, which are also known as pokkuri or koppori geta due to the sound they make when you walk wearing them, are simple yet attractive platform Japanese sandals shoes. Okobo are made by using a willow tree’s block of wood having straps on its top. They are quite tall yet safe to wear and walk without the risk of falling off.

4. Jikatabi

Have you ever worn a boot having a separated big toe? If not, then try Jikatabi, a Japanese boot of rubber sole and cloth body that has a distinctly separated big. This footwear is quite famous among the Japanese gardeners, construction workers, and farmers. Western people recognize the shape of Jikatabi as ‘Ninja Shoes’. You can use them for your regular use.

5. Uwabaki

Traditional yet stylish pair of indoor shoes that are quite commonly used by young Japanese students are Uwabaki. You can use these amazing shoes even in your house. Uwakabi are quite flexible and light that you can flaunt in style outdoors as well as indoors. You simply need to maintain these shoes clean.

6. Waraji

If you are looking for more traditional Japanese footwear, then go for Waraji. Waraji are well-known straw sandals, which as quite similar to the zori out of straw. The only major difference is that Waraji are simpler than Zori and possesses straps that you can strap around your calf. These Japanese footwears where widely used during the feudal era by the foot soldiers and samurai. Flaunt a vintage appearance by choosing Waraji.

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Now that you know these six amazing Japanese shoes, make your choice and flaunt them in panache with suitable outfits.

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