6 Useful Tips For Summer Melt-Proof Makeup

Summers are near and so is the concern of maintaining the makeup for long hours! Summers are quite thrilling with the refreshments, awesome clothing trends, stunning summer nights and much more but when it comes to makeup, women go crazy for finding the right and melt-proof makeup! We can just flip through some horrible faces with faded and dangerously spread makeup in summers and this is not a rare sight! From mascaras to eyeliners, from lipsticks to the foundations, everything can get spread and melted during the hot summer days which are simply hectic to manage! But through some highly promising and logical tricks, you can save your makeup from getting disastrous and making you looks flawless and charming! Here are those tricks which would never fail ad get you an adorable look!

Below Are The 6 Useful Tips For Summer Melt-Proof Makeup:

1. Use Primer As The Base

If you want to kick start your makeup with some dry and long lasting base which would get you a refreshing look and a pretty glow, you must use primer for settling the makeup nicely. Primers can be really helpful in getting a stable and proper base for your make up. Puff some primer over your face with a deep sponge to apply the correct amount of primer on your face and get a plumy and fine glow! Primer is simply the starting element which would get you a dry and non sticky makeup base which would hold your makeup for a longer period.

2. Use A Powder Or Silicon Based Foundation

If you feel the need of some foundation or concealer to hide the patches, pores and various skin impairments, you can go for a powder based product or for the silicone based products. These products are non sticky and dry enough to settle perfectly on your skin and get you non greasy and well settled makeup. Go for a Compaq powder, or a powder based product to help your skin remain fresh, dry and non oily.

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3. Go For Bronzers

If you love the fresh and metallic looks, go for the powder bronzers. We understand your love for the glowing and awesome cheekbones which would redefine your beauty while making you look adorable all the daylong! Go for beautiful and stunning shades of bronzer which would get you a long lasting, steady and blissful makeup and look adorable.

4. Matte Lipsticks

If you love lipsticks and eye shadows, do try to exclude the glossy lipsticks and shadow for your makeup. The glossy make up is highly oily and greasy and would get your makeup look chappy and sticky. If you don’t want to see your face melting with colorful makeup products, go for the mate lipsticks and powder based eye shadows. The matte lipsticks have been trending immensely and would also get you a glorious look!

5. Water Proof Mascara And Liners

For non melting makeup, do not forget to but the products which are completely water proof. Water proof makeup is simply the boon during summers which would simply help in maintaining the charm and glory of your beautiful makeup without ruining or melting! Especially go for waterproof eye makeup products to avoid dangerous melt down!

6. Go For Sheer Shades

Summer is a season where you can experiment with beautiful and mild shades and look as fresh as a dew drop. Wearing sheer makeup would lessen your chances of getting the makeup completely ruined and cakey. Wear the sheer shades and go nude when it comes to makeup for a blissful and adorable look.

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