6 Weight Lifting Routines For Women

Weight lifting for women has not been something that has been looked forward to. For starters, women see pumping weights as a workout meant only for men. That aside, the very thought of pumping weights send shock waves among women as they fear they might be inviting grave injury to their rather delicate body. However the days of lifting pink dumbbells wearing leotards are way behind.

In this era of fitness mania, weight lifting routines for women form the key segment of any workout plan. Just a quick word on what benefits weight lifting does to the body. First up, it breaks a sweat and makes you lose unwanted pounds that have been piling up for long. Two, the muscle components go through conditioning which helps the cause of building muscle mass and lastly it sets you up to challenge yourself to do the extreme! 6 weight lifting routines for women, here we go then.

Below Are The 6 Weight Lifting Routines For Women:

1. Goblet Squat To A Box

Best for beginners, goblet squat to a box uses minimal weight to thereby acquainting your body well with weight lifting. It is done by squatting on a box with an optimally heavy dumbbell clasped with both hand. The box ensures that you descend on the same level in every rep of your squat. The hips have to be lowered slightly more than your knees level.


2. Standing One Arm Dumbbell Press

Standing one arm dumbbell press’ inclusion makes your weight lifting exercise extremely effective one for your arms. Plus it is an easier way to do overhead which is usually done with barbell. While doing the overhead dumbbell press, keep your stomach and butt firm as to they don’t make you budge. The arms must be 90 degrees straight as you press the weight upward.


3. Dumbbell Bench Press

Another improvisation of a weight lifting exercise done with barbell. Lie on the bench and position you’re the dumbbells in both hands on each side of your ears to get jumpstarted. Raise both your hands to the full in sync. Keep them parallel as they go up and come down. Maintain complete balance on the dumbbells.


4. Plank And Rotate

Excellent ways to engage your core muscles and have some intense weight lifting. The workout demands you to be on plank position by holding a five pound or heavier dumbbell with feet wide apart. Lift your left and right arm alternatively toward the ceiling and bring it back to normal. This way, you get the right amount of weight training whilst burning the calories.


5. Leg Press

For women, leg strength holds special importance given they tend to spend most of the time standing. But there is no necessity to start with truck loads of weight right at the start. Start your leg press workout with moderate weight since the primary objective is to make the glutes stronger and thighs free from accumulating fat.


6. Deadlift

Challenge gives you kick, so does the deadly deadlift! Deadlift has to be that weight training phenomena that tests your body’s strength, poise and stamina. Deadlift is considered accomplished only when you can do a clean jerk. As you fold your knees to reach for the barbell, keep your spine straight as an arrow from the moment you jerk the weight upward till the time you get up on your feet with the barbell.