6 Women’s Workout For An Hourglass Figure

Well yes, we are indeed talking about an hourglass figure which every girl or a woman secretly desired of but hardly go ahead and attain; instead they love baring the naval with a crop top while the waist is clinched with a tight belt and wear high waist jeans to look fuller!

However even if they just make you appear like having an hourglass figure you would need to actually walk that extra mile and work on the core where the butts as well the shoulders are defined.Thus, here we have come up with some of the best workouts for women who are going to get them the hourglass figure and some of them are discussed as below.

Below Are The 6 Women’s Workout For An Hourglass Figure:

1. Stability Ball Plank Top Downs

To practice this one you would need to a plank pose with the tops of the feet on a Swiss ball and then engaging the core you would need to first lift the right leg off the ball and touch the right toe onto the ground and then to the right side of the Swiss ball and then back on it. The next step is to repeat the same with the left leg and which finishes one rep. This one works great in accentuating and defining the oblique, shoulders, chest and the abs.

2. Alternating Custy Lunge With Bicep Curls

To start off this you would need to hold two dumbbells in your hands and then start with keeping the feet together and the toes facing at the front. From here the next step is to lift the right foot and take a diagonal step behind you and while your shoulders are onto the hips and the knees are bent at almost 90 degrees. The next step is to take a lunge back to the starting pose and repeat with the left leg. This is highly effective on the quads, biceps, hamstrings and the shoulders.

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3. Renegade Row

To do this you would need to get hold of two dumbbells and take it in both your hands and get into a push up pose where the dumbbells are parallel to each other on the ground. The next step is to bend the elbows to lower the body towards the ground without touching the ground and immediately press back to the starting pose. The next step is to lift the right hand weight off the floor and bend the elbow with the weight and push it upon the ceiling and then release the weight back down. Repeating with the other arm completes a single rep. It works well for the core, shoulders, chest and the arms.

4. Windshield Wiper Abs

This one is great for the obliques and the abs where you need to sit on a mat with the legs stretched at your front while the forearms are on the mat and the finger tips facing your butts. From this pose you would need to engage your core muscles in order to lift the feet out towards the ceiling and without displacing your hips sway the legs to the right, then centre and then to the left side. Bringing to the centre completes a rep.

5. Stability Ball Shoulder Bridge

This is another great one which is good in shaping the quads, hamstrings, core and the butt region. To start off this you would need to lie down on a mat while your legs are on a Swiss ball and the arms outstretched on the ground, palms facing downward. The next step is to lift the hips off the floor and using the muscles trying to slowly roll the ball towards the butt region and then extending the ball to the start point. Continuing without dropping the hips is the key in here!

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6. Back Leg Elevated Dead Lift

To do this one you would need dumbbells and a chair and then start off with grabbing the dumbbells in each hands and stand while the chair is just a few feet away at your back. The next step is to reach the right toe and place it on the seat of the chair and then bend from the waist down with the weights till they reach the shun height. The next step is to bring the weights upward using the hamstrings and the butt. This one helps in working out the lower back hamstrings and the butt region.

These few exercises if practiced on an regular basis regularly can surely get you the desired results in no time! Along with the workouts a proper check on the diet is also recommended to attain a hour glass figure.

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