6 Yoga Poses To Do Post Dinner For A Sound Sleep

Practicing yoga in the morning energizes the body and refreshes the mind setting you geared up for a fully productive day. However, did you know that yoga before bed can be equally beneficial in relaxing your mind and body and enable you get sound sleep? If you are battling sleep issues then post dinner yoga postures, which can be performed on your bed can be a healthy solution for getting undisturbed, quality sleep. Try the postures mentioned below before bed for a week, we are sure they will become a major part of your bedtime ritual to boost relaxation and get a good night’s sleep.

Yoga Poses To Do Post Dinner For A Good Night’s Sleep:

1. Child Pose

Sit down on your heels comfortably and bend forward from your hip so that your forehead touches the bed. Push your chest close to your thighs and stretch your arms straight frontward resting your palms on your bed. Hold the posture for 60 seconds and take deep breaths. Repeat the posture 3 to 5 times for a good night sleep.

2. Night Time Goddess Stretch

Lie down on your back with arms resting on your sides slightly away from your body in a relaxed position and knees bent so that the soles of the left and right feet touch each other. With your knees open and hip firmly fixed on your bed, your lower body will be in a diamond shape. Hold the position and gaze upward for 3 minutes to get ready for a sound sleep.

3. Wind Releasing Pose

Lie down supine with knee bent and ankles crossed. Clasp the right knee with your arms and bring it close to your chest so that you press your abdomen with your right thigh. Raise your head off the bed and try to touch your right knee with your chin. Hold the posture and take a deep breath. Relax and shift sides. Repeat the movement 3 times on both sides to drift off to sleep.

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4. Leg Up The Wall

Sit in front of a wall with your upper body a little away from it. Lie down on your back and walk your legs up the wall until your legs are extended up the wall straight. Adjust your body position such that the position does not hurt your back and legs. Position your arms on your sides, gaze forward and take deep breaths as you hold the posture for a few minutes. This posture will relax your back and legs and make you fall asleep fast.

5. Corpse Pose

This relaxing and revitalizing posture is everyone’s favorite especially after a long day. Simply lie down supine in a relaxed way with arms on your sides with palms facing upward and legs resting fully stretched and feet hip width apart. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and clam down your mind. Staying in the position for 15 minutes will gradually put you to sleep.

6. Butterfly Pose

This yoga posture helps in removing fatigue caused due to walking or standing for long hours. It stretches your inner thighs, knees and groin. Start with the Lotus Pose. Bring the feet towards your pelvis by bending your knees such that soles of the feet touch each other. Grab your feet with your hands and take deep breath. Touch the thighs and knees to the ground while breathing out. Flap both the legs in upward and downward movement. Start slow and then increase your speed. Breathe at natural and rhythmic pace. Initially do the flapping movement for 20 to 30 times and gradually increase.

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