7 Amazing Benefits Of Honey For Your Beauty

Honey is a sweetener that has been used since centuries to add natural sweetness to our drinks and it has been taken raw for its taste but it not just an addition to the kitchen it has many benefits because it collected naturally from the pollen of flowers and its natural preservative powers allow it to be used over a long period of time honey has natural sugar which is beneficial for your health it is acidic in nature and sis not polluted by bacteria its full of antioxiadantas and has lots of compounds that have numerous benefits for skin and health. Raw honey is the best avoid artificial honey to reap the multiple benefits of honey. Let’s first look at how honey helps in enhancing your beauty.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Benefits That Honey Has:

1. Moisturizer

Honey has natural moisture retention powers that is it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Apply some honey on your skin let it rest for about 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

2. Pores

Honey cleans pores and when used with some oil like coconut it heals in keeping the skin clean and bacteria away Make an equal mixture of oil and honey apply it on your skin and then wash it with water.

3. Skin Cleaner

Honey is hydrator and antioxidant that can work wonders to clean your skin and when used with baking soda which is by itself an exfolitaor it works wonders to clean your skin by destroying old cells and helping new ones to sprout Make mixture of honey and baking soda in the ratio 2:1 apply it on your face and rinse after some time.

4. Scars

Honey helps in the growth of new cells and use d with oils like olive it can remove the severity of scars if applied on the scar on regular basis it helps in regeneration by promoting the growth of new cells. Make mixture of honey and olive oil apply the mixture gently on the scar let it cool and then wash it repeat on a daily basis for some time for best results.

5. Conditioner

When applied with coconut oil it gives shien to your hair. Make a mixture of honey with coconut oil and apply on your hair let it rest for some time and then rinse. Mixing it with your shampoo can turn honey into a natural cleaner of your hair which helps to retain moisture in your scalp. It helps in softening hair color because it has enzymes which release hydrogen peroxide which is helpful in softening hair color.

6. Sunburn

Honey by itself and if used with Aloe vera helps in hydrating sun burnt skin by providing moisture to the deepest level and can provide relief from sunburn. Make a mixture of honey with Aloe vera gel and use it to calm sunburn.

7. Weight Loss

Honey is good source of various vitamins and minerals when mixed with lemon juice it can be pretty helpful in reducing weight by dissolving the excess fat in your body. Mix some honey and lemon juice in warm water and drink on regular basis for best results.

Weight Loss

So raw natural honey is something that you should make a part of your daily diet it has so many benefits that you would be amazed at what a tea spoon can do for you.