7 Amazing Coal Tar Shampoos Available In The Market

There are many types of shampoos in the market, but if you want a complete package to make your hair stronger, shiner without the infection of the dandruff, premature gray, then you should go for the coal tar shampoo, the color of these shampoo is black, as they contain the extracts of the coal in it, these shampoo has amazing cleansing properties, they have good foam and fight with the fungus and bacterial infections of the scalps, they strengthen the scalps, as these shampoos are high in demand so many companies are now manufacturing coal tar shampoos and add some of the other essential nutrients for the healthy, bouncy hair, here is the list of the coal tar shampoo in the market.

1. DHS Fragrance Free Coal Tar Shampoo

DHS fragrance free coal tar shampoo has no side effects on the hair, it has not the bad smell of the coal tar, the bottle is in black color with the black shampoo, it is used to remove the fungus infection of the scalps and also moisturize it gently, the foam quality is also good, small amount will give you an nice foam, just in the one wash it removes the dry skin and also wash off the dandruff, regular use will give your hair a nice shine.

2. Psoriatrax Coal Tar Shampoo

Psoriatrax coal tar is best to fight with the psoriatrax problem of the hair, if you have itching to the scalps, you have the hair fall problems, dandruff, then you can go with this shampoo, this shampoo has no harmful content in it, just one wash is enough to remove the dandruff, it not only cleans the hair but also gives the proper conditioning to the scalps, the bottle comes in the white color and shampoo is in white, just wet your hair and apply this shampoo, massage it gently, leave it for 2 minutes, then clean it with the water.

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3. Ionil T Coal Tar Shampoo

The black plastic bottle of the Ionil T coal tar shampoo is the pennaca for all the problems related to the hair, it will give proper nourishment to the hair, it removes the dead cells of the scalps and help in rejuvenating it, it promotes the growth of the hair and also increases the volume of the hair, it removes any fungus infection of the scalps, you need to apply small amount of it to the wet hair, it also makes your hair manageable.

4. MG 217 Coal Tar Shampoo

MG 217 coal tar shampoo is loved by most of the women, as it makes their hair strong, if you have long hair or you want to go with the rebounding then you need to make your hair strong, MG 217 shampoo helps you with it, it recovers the damages of the hair and also nourishes the scalps and also helps in forming new cells to the scalps, it removes the dandruff and fungus infections, this shampoo lasts for many days as the quality of the foam is pretty good.

5. Protar K Shampoo

Protar K shampoo is a herbal shampoo, it has the small amount of tar content in it, which is good for fighting with the dandruff, as you clean your shampoo with it, protar k shampoo, will give strengthen to the scalp and make them tight by removing the dead cells near to, healthy scalps will hold the hair tightly, the volume of the hair is also increased with this shampoo, if you have frizzy hair, then you should definitely try this shampoo, this shampoo is good in fighting with the dandruff.

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6. Scalp 18 Coal Tar Shampoo

Scalp 18 coal tar shampoo has just 2 percent of the tar in it. Most of the parlors use this shampoo to give strength your scalp, if you have any problem related to the scalps, then you need to try this shampoo, it rejuvenates the dead cell of the scalps and promotes hair growth, this shampoo is best to remove the dandruff, if you have itching in the scalps, this shampoo has the antibacterial properties also.

7. Polytar Liquid

Polytar liquid is the shampoo is used to give nourishment to the scalps and make them strong enough to hold the long hair, it has amazing cleansing properties, this shampoo is has a nice fragrance also. Polytar shampoo removes all the bacterial and the fungus related problems easily, just in one wash all the dead skin and the dandruff get removed, polytar shampoo gives you manageable hair, the bottle comes in the brown color, it gives shine to the hair, make them bouncy.

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